Stopping the Buying of Pets is the GOAL

Never List animals on Craigslist

Posted: 01/23/2015 11:37 am 
 This article had 17,870 “shares”
and probably most were ARs
Essentially, this person claimed “Dedicated to spreading the cause of animal rescue, and stopping the purchasing of pets”……….
We just don’t know how much more CLEAR one needs to be, to understand that “rescue” animals REALLY means– to AR activists–  NOT TO EVER, EVER, EVER,”BUY” AN ANIMAL…. even THOUGH when you BUY a rescued animal, you must pay for it, it is generally not FREE.  Thus the only real difference is that the “rescue” claims not to make any money, even though it is perfectly legal to make the $$$$.
Just like HSUS is a multi million $$$$ enterprise, which, along with other rescue type activists, thought it was just FINE to PAY a fake witness during the lawsuit’s 14 year or longer, stint in Federal court, then the activists, including HSUS, paid out millions on alleged RICO charges, to the circus entity.
And WHY was that done?  Because the activist groups would have lost their asses, that’s why, if they did not pay up willingly.
The poor animals are simply paws/(pawns) used to gain donations. Kinda like HSUS and the rest.
Listing an animal on Craigslist does not mean every single animal will be abused.  In fact, we are sure that this is far and few between……….. AND even rescuing an animal does NOT mean it will never be abused.  This is not clear thinking. One should be careful, of course.  Maybe a few people really don’t care.  After all, abused children FAR outnumber abused animals, but no one is that concerned apparently. But no guarantee comes with life. Or in getting a shelter animal. Let’s be realistic.