Wack jobs Put Dead Animals Here/There Causing Concern

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —Although investigators announced Friday an arrest in the case of a puppy burned alive in Sacramento County, questions remain over a different case of incidents where farm animals were decapitated and left in public places.

The series of gruesome discoveries actually began much earlier than initially thought, and involved at least one additional location, KCRA 3 has learned.

A city parks crew found bags of decapitated chickens along with an unidentified substance placed in bowls at a cemetery at Broadway and Riverside Boulevard on Dec. 12, Sacramento Animal Services Manager Gina Knepp said Friday.

Knepp said she just learned of the incident Friday, more
than two months later, when the parks department finally notified Animal Care Services.

She said brown paper bags containing the chicken parts were “strategically placed” inside the gates of the cemetery.

“It’s just so disturbing on so many levels,” Knepp said. “I can’t imagine cutting the head off of a live animal, personally.”

In January, people began finding dismembered chickens at Reichmuth Park, along with a decapitated lamb,a dead tortoise and a large, bloody goat, according to records Knepp is keeping.

A spokeswoman for the city of Sacramento told KCRA 3 on Thursday that rangers are reporting similar discoveries at Garcia Bend Park and Bill Conlin Sports Complex.

Sacramento sheriff’s deputies, meanwhile, have arrested Willie Bee Turner, 20, of Oakland on suspicion of setting a live puppy on fire while the dog was trapped in a crate. Sacramento Metro firefighters went to that fire Jan. 22 and found the dog’s remains.

A necropsy later showed it was burned alive,  said Sgt. Lisa Bowman. of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. Investigators will look into whether Turner could be connected to the dismemberment of the other animals, Bowman said.

Investigators credit tipsters with the arrest. They said if Turner is convicted, the person who called in information that led to the arrest could get a $21,000 reward. That reward money was donated by about 80 people and organizations, said Rick Johnson, CEO of the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

PD note: we doubt the Oakland guy put the animals in cemetaries/parks. Sacramento has always been a magnet for undesirables, criminal, the poor and welfare; and the Loaves/Fishes Friendship park is a homeless magnet because they do not ask questions, they don’t require residency, they don’t require anything. They brag that they don’t question anyone and have no rules for who they serve as far as residency. Anyone who has seen the street leading up to the place knows the street is lined with debris, dirt and sometimes completely unsanitary conditions. It’s quite easy for criminals to get food, clothing, shelter and use the computers and showers there. DAILY. That doesn’t mean any of the people who use the services harm animals of course. It just means Sacramento tolerates private groups that don’t help the city but instead makes it worse, while claiming they are serving indigents. They forget to mention criminals.