Feed Stray Animal, Go to Jail?

Elderly man goes to jail for 9 days for feeding cats; advocacy group hopes to rewrite law

A 76-year-old Texas man did not spend nine days in jail for feeding stray cats for nothing.

David Parton said he wouldn’t have paid the $900 he was eventually fined, as the Gainesville citations piled up, even if he had a million dollars. So he served his time, later explaining to reporters that he felt divinely called to feed the cats, according to CBS DFW and Fox 29.

“God told me to keep feeding them and leave the consequences to Him,” Parton told CBS. It may or may not have been divine intervention, but his situation caught the attention of Alley Cats Allies and the animal rights group has retained Tatum Erlandson & Neu to revise the city’s stray animal ordinance.

“It seems really severe that someone would spend any time in jail at all for doing something that was compassionate,” said attorney Eric Erlandson.

 PD:  As most people probably know, ordinances and supposedly statutes can be passed when they allegedly affect the health, welfare or safety of the public; and consequently, rational basis is often used to pass ANY law that animal rights WANTS. and not surprisingly, the majority of CA citizens voted for Prop 2 by HSUS, to ensure egg layer hens can spread wings so far, and turn so far, regardless if they choose to do so or not.  Prop2 has caused a rise in egg prices that are about 20-40% higher in CA. We figure if future “humane” certification starts popping up, the eggs will be even higher priced.
So when society votes to make it illegal to feed feral cats, yes, there are more than 2 sides to the story. In future, we will put up some examples of what rational basis can do, and how animal activists use it to pass virtually anything. Because almost anything can be passed by rational basis, the best strategy is to have the defense set up a LONG time before it even gets to the voters, as VOTERS usually buy right into animal rights hook, line and sinker. It only takes about ONE video to be repeated 100 times online, FACEBOOK and other crappy sites. ARs pile on so fast, they use non profit email lists and boom, they have notified 250,000 people.