The 10 Commandments a la HSUS+PETA Not new,still true

Get it straight: HSUS, PETA and all the other national groups are NOT about shelter animals, period. They are about animal rights:

1.  Lobbying for animal rights–it’s all about the jack $$$ for animal rights businesses..using “shelter animals” as a ruse to gain donations…most animals in shelters are returned to shelters, often withing 6mo or less. Not all, but a huge amount, so much that they now CHARGE you to RETURN the animal if you don’t later want it????

2. Getting rid of agriculture, meat, cheese, eggs, etc. in name of animal rights and making people feel sorry for eating a food from a killed animal

3. Getting rid of agriculture and making money off food products derived from animals, to further animal rights (and “their” money-making coffers from businesses that work on animal rights and all animal rights products, food, specialty products (like no grain dog food) and then advertising (only chickens from free range) and “microchips” (HSUS invests in stock)

4.  Elevating animals into human status by using words from Child Welfare law, adoption law, inheritance law, abuse laws, emotional distress laws and even constitutional rights and slavery (PETA claimed orca whales were slaves for God’s sake, in Federal court?)

5. Getting rid of the SELLING of PETS, esp puppies and kittens, from ANY source that is NOT “their” non profit, their shelter, their rescues, their seizures, their seizure of hoarding, their animal busts for anything they want.  We all know with animal Planet and crap on TV, EVERYONE thinks animal abuse is HUGE and rampant. Contrary to this thought, it is in fact, not rampant which is why it makes the NEWS.

TenCommandmentsOfHSUSPETA   (click to view Moses-like photo with law)