Warning: Backer Pet Expo 2015 Cancelled–Not Good

When the huge backer Pet Expo gets cancelled and says they need to take a year off, that’s not a good sign. Petsmart was bought up by some UK equity group for huge $$…that can only mean, ARs will likely exert more influence over pet stores and what they sell.

Take that and APHIS regs affecting hobbyist and dog show people, and seeing that Purina has now put out some food (Beyond) to compete with a higher end market (meaning mostly AR animal owners or at least ones that want to spend 40-50-75 on bags of kibble?)– you can see the pet trade will be forced to offer things that cost more, in trying to cater to the AR or upper end market. Because most ARs will want to purportedly do more “for” animals, they may not care if prices are high. If true, then depending on market statistics, which are gone over in detail by the pet industry, the AR way is here to stay as far as what is sold for pets.

Overall to us, that means the pet trade, while very viable, will be highly competing in the pet food market even more so than before. With laws outlawing sales of commercial kennel pups, or law outlawing sales of ANY dog not sourced from a shelter or non profit, and with egg prices rising due to HSUS law that people voted for, we will be looking at an overall pet trade market that will be catering to wealthier people, while common people will be left in the dust because they can’t pay 75/bag for food. So rehomed dogs will be eating prime rib. Look at example below:

Nature’s Variety Teams Up with Best Friends Animal Society for Long Live Pets Online Campaign

“The campaign invites adopters of shelter and rescue pets across the nation to submit photos of their pets to be the potential stars of what will be a ground breaking, crowd-sourced film. ” 

We just happened to see this, but as we predicted, the ARs will simply take and run with anything HSUS pushes out there, in order to leverage BRANDS with non profits, shows with non profits, products with non profits, TV with non profits, etc. Conversely, when AR brands like Blue denigrate other brands and Purina has to file a fraud lawsuit, we can see that there is a huge stake in the pet trade—very huge.   While not exactly new, it shows that non profits are in fact, in the direct stream of interstate commerce and they are not considered as “non commercial” in the sense that they don’t sell anything. They sell plenty, and they team up with those selling tons of things.

That fact alone, which amounts to huge marketing and advertising, simply gives ARs a commercial platform to shout even LOUDER about AR this and AR that.

When brands that do NOT support AR themes see the marketing ploys used, they are now likely thinking that they may have to join the game so they don’t get left in the dust. So the USA will be turning into England Jr. because they will be copying to made the jack? LOL

For any owners and clubs out there, even if already AR-leaning, the handwriting is on the wall. Maybe the pet trade should work with Big AG and produce some things that the ARs don’t have — which include some meat?

In fact, we already knew that animals, models, collector cars, filming and children always can bring people in. We are ramping up our own small model mixing up designer junque (new old and in between) so small businesses, even animal related ones–groomer, sitter,trainer,rescue, show/hobby,teacher,etc–can sell what they want for only a few days to test the retail market. At least we aren’t copying the English model. And because we already work with several non profits, we are exempt from the baloney that one can’t sell pets.