ARs Moving to Take Over Pet Industry via 12 Step

Which if any of these ideas below, would be or could legal, and what if a non profit was FORCING such a law?  What if HSUS tried to force such a law?

What if buying a NON RESCUE animal was ILLEGAL? What if it was called ANIMAL ABUSE?

How about any of these below—–Forcing:

Small business to ONLY sell products made in the USA for pets, which only contain vegan ingredients?

Owners to ONLY buy dog food from NON profit sources

Groomers ONLY to groom dogs from non profits

Breeders ONLY to sell dogs to non profit entities

Owners ONLY to take pets to vegan vets

Wholesalers ONLY to sell rescued animals

Retailers ONLY to offer non profit sourced animals, pets

So if you think that the non profit sector a la HSUS isn’t going in this direction, then think again. In fact they WISH they could do exactly this. Why, that would give them carte blanche to run the entire pet industry. and that has not been lost on them. WHY do you think PetSmart was bought out by English equity firm??????

You don’t see a USA business buying out PetSmart.  Think, People!

It’s going to get much, much worse, and cost much, much, much more to own a pet, feed a pet, and take care of a pet.  Just wait. You haven’t seen anything yet.  When HSUS and cronies get hold of major chains that service pet owners, it’s the beginning of the end. It won’t be a free enterprise system. It will be the non profit nationals that own it all, run it and call the shots because too many people listen to their crap. Too much media is focused on what they do.  Too many shows are based on actors/actresses and vegan this and vegan everything. Too many online venues/Facebook are devoted to their nonsense.  When the day comes that this element starts to control the animal enterprises that produce all the food for consumers, we will be so unable to do anything by then, it will be too late.

20 years ago no one would think it could come to this. They were wrong.

These little rascals below will be completely illegal to buy or own.