Pet Defense Verifies Why ‘PM’ is Used by Breeders

It’s pretty simple. Some people ONLY believe that “raising” something should be done in one way–notably, their way. Many business factories pay slave wages and use children as workers, no safety standards, many business products employ dirt poor indigents to perform manual labor for nearly nothing, with no worker’s comp, no nothing; many items used, consumed and purchased with USA cash supports ALL of these products nationwide.

YET–the same people who would oppose dogs in a commercial kennel, don’t care if their shoes, handbags, food or briefcases, computers or anything else, like cell phones, are made with slave labor, child labor and people in some places, die on the job routinely. NAH–who cares about people???  They are not concerned.

BUT make that product a dog being sold as a puppy and suddenly the AR button lights up like Christmas. There is no actual definition of PM, but (as stated in one of the federal lawsuits), the government standard finds fault when a violation creates an inhumane finding. Inhumane, not something which is simply something that some people do not “like.” and therein is the point–as ARs and Elitists pretty much think alike. They treat animals at a level higher than most people.

That IS ELITISM, not just animal rights.  People forget that kenneling baby dogs with the parent dog for several weeks–in a kennel or not, does not change the dog or the puppies necessarily. If it did, there would be no survivor pups.  ELITISM is the same thing as my child only goes to private school and only buys certain label brands. In other words, if a dog came from that kennel, you hate the people who own it, you hate the breeders, and you hate the sellers. Why? Because you think it is not up to your standard, and your standard is basically elitist but you think otherwise.

If you live in an HOA neighborhood for fear of people painting houses the wrong color, if you only want to have your kids interact with wealthy kids, if you only shop at expensive stores, if you think you are too good for owning a crummy shelter dog, you are elitist to some degree. But most concerning are those who condemn others for doing something legal, like running a commercial kennel and yet producing something decent. In other words, elitists believe one cannot produce something decent in a commercial kennel because they believe those people do not do what THEY think should be done in dog breeding, period.

Let’s quit pretending people. Most  Elitists don’t even know what they do. You spend too much darn time thinking about you, yourself and your dog. And how your dog is better than their dog. Pathetic.