Circus to Stop Showing Elephant Show

After winning their RICO lawsuit by having the ARs settle the case in million $$ payout, apparently the circus has decided to stop using elephants in the circus. All we can say is, that it should stop the lawsuits concerning the animals.

In what Feld Entertainment is calling an “unprecedented move,” the circus plans to phase out elephant acts by 2018. Thirteen elephants currently in the circus will be transported to the Ringling Bros. Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida by 2018, joining 40 elephants that are already there. The circus said, however, it is not ending its other exotic animal performances that include lions and tigers.

“This is the most significant change we have made since we founded the Ringling Bros. Center for Elephant Conservation in 1995. When we did so, we knew we would play a critical role in saving the endangered Asian elephant for future generations, given how few Asian elephants are left in the wild,” Chairman and CEO of Feld Entertainment Kenneth Feld said in the statement.



WELL— we shall see if zoos close down next, aquariums, and maybe farms??? If an animal is involved, ARs want it gone.