The AR Hype of Selling Dogs People Want– and–Don’t Want

For anyone that does want a choice in what they own– especially if you want a puppy, or kitten….you must understand how it works, when the Animal Rights faction extremists, tell you that you must buy a shelter animal, or one they seized, or one that is homeless. Conversely, you should understand that a pet is a pet is a pet. A pet is not a human, nor is it a person.

One easy way to understand how extremists view pets, is to consider this: In every instance, AR extremists LOVE to obtain commercial kennel dogs so they can do this:

(a) Have pets that the public wants (cute, fluffy,etc) not old, not almost dead

(b) Raise donations for the AR group by preying on emotional aspect, thus selling the animals means more donations

(c) They can charge more for the animals; in fact, if a shelter obtains them, they are so popular that they have bidding wars from the public to get such animals; they are so popular, Best Friends spent maybe a million constructing dog hotels for such animals when seized??

(d) AR group then amps up the “abuse” if they can, so everyone will feel sorry for the animal AND run to BUY IT FROM THEM.

So–ARs always say don’t buy such animals. Don’t own such animals. YET IT’S PERFECT FOR THEM TO TAKE AND SELL SUCH ANIMALS, USING SUCH ANIMALS SIMPLY AS A MARKETING TOOL FOR MORE OF THE SAME. ..and trust us, they are giddy upon receiving such animals, BECAUSE they know such animals are what PEOPLE want.

The moral of this: If ARs simply want to control all aspects of how breeders breed, how breeders sell, how breeders do everything, they should do the breeding themselves and sell the animals themselves. They will then find out how difficult it is to do, how much it costs, and they will soon be out of the game. It’s easier to TAKE animals and USE THEM against everyone, by making up stories and finding fault. It’s EASIER to dupe the public into thinking that buying an animal causes shelter animals to die. It’s EASIER to make videos and post Facebook, post pictures of half dead things to gain DONATIONS.

It all ends up to be this: THE AR RACKET IS IN FACT, A MONEY BASED ANIMAL ENTERPRISE WHICH IS DEVISED SPECIFICALLY TO TAKE OUT THE PET TRADE, AND AWAY FROM DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE, IN STEPS.  With the Internet, Facebook, and you name it, they stepped up their game on stupid people. The public doesn’t pay attention to words, they only look at pictures. Thus, ARs use photos, photos, photos.  Remember when you see photos from AR groups, half of their shit is fake, and the other half is contrived.