Personal ?’s on Rescue App; Amt. Needed to Give Pet to San Diego Charity

Name of your employer

Your date of birth

Your co-applicant date of birth

Your co-applicant employer

How long at current address/how much time out of town?

What situations are ok to find your dog another home: house soiling,new baby,no

time,medical issues,shedding,kids won’t help,moving,too big, dog doesn’t like kids

too much work, medical (owner), aggressive,won’t get along w/other pets,chewing/destroys things,barking,divorce,death in family,evicted,foreclosure,lawsuit,pet harmed child, pet destroyed expensive belongings

Where will dog stay when one is home? sleep? Will dog be allowed on furniture?

How many hours will dog spend inside house? How many hours alone?

How would you discipline dog if it wrecked something?

What BRAND of food will you feed?

Will you keep the dog for as long as you live?

What activities will you be doing with your dog?

Where will dog sleep?  Where will dog go to bathroom?

Will you be getting married, having more kids in next 10 years?

Will dog access a raised balcony patio or porch?

Give 4 personal references who can verify answers to all information given,including name,number,relationship, how long

This isn’t even a complete list, BUT just asking what pet food BRAND was enough to turn us off. Plus judging from what we saw on the site, we think more than 5 of the animals were in fact, not rescued animals, nor was the story seemingly true. We are seeing more and more of this online nationwide where puppies are obviously not what they claim they are, were not obtained from shelters, and were not left for dead.


and this is incredible:

Helen Woodward Animal Center


  • Founded in 1972, as a non-profit organization, by Mrs. Woodward, who had a keen interest in the connection between humans and animals.
  • Helen Woodward Center continues to have a “no kill” philosophy which ensures that no healthy animal is ever euthanized. • Last year more than 3,000 animals were placed through the Center’s adoption program which represents a 99% placement rate.
  • The Center’s Placement Program reflects the belief that perpetual kenneling is not a suitable fate for an animal that has been living in a home.
  • Pets are accepted by the center with the understanding that every effort will be made to place the animal in a new home as quickly as possible.
  • The Helen Woodward animal is known for its commitment to do everything possible to match a pet’s personality and physical requirements with an adoptive family.
  • The staff and volunteers of the Center make every effort to alleviate the stress and anxiety suffered by some pets who are taken from their own homes through personal attention, grooming, exercise, and socialization techniques.


1. The Center’s adoption program is limited to dogs and cats, although birds, rabbits, horses, exotic animals, and a variety of other creatures are used in the Center’s therapy and educational programs.

2. Pets must be up to date with all of its required vaccinations and have veterinary records kept with other important papers.

3. The Center provides physical examinations, vaccines, neutering/spaying for its adoptable animals, but to keep the costs down for both the center and the adoptive family, pet owners are urged to take care of these requirements before the pet comes to the center.

4. For more expedient adoptions, animals should be in stable health with no chronic medical problems, and they should be of non-aggressive good temperament.

Bequest Commitment

1. The Helen Woodward Center heavily relies on donations to fund its current humane and therapeutic programs.

2. Costs to shelter, feed, groom, and provide medical care for orphaned animal in their care are substantial.

3. Therefore it is necessary that charitable bequest donors make the following financial donation in order for the Center to accept their pets:

Dogs and care under three years of age – $5,000 per animal

Dogs and cats three to six years old – $10,000 per animal

Dogs and cats over six years of age –           $20,000 per animal*



If a pet owner wishes to bequeath their dog or cat to the Center, the following procedures should be taken care of to ensure the pet’s smooth and successful transition into their new/temporary home.

1. Include a statement in your will or Trust that you wish the entrustment of your pet with the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s adoption program. Helen Woodward Animal Center has language that the attorney can incorporate into the Will or Trust. The gift may be unrestricted, or designated to the adoption program, or any other program that is of interest.

2. Inform the Executor(s) of your estate, family members, and/or friends that you wish to have the pet cared for by the Center so that the transfer of the pet can be accomplished as soon as possible.

3. Complete the Surrender Questionnaire form. This form provides the Center with important information about the pet’s name, medical history, lifestyle, preferences, and behavioral characteristics that will help staff find the best possible match with a new family.


Let’s not forget: H Woodward Center is very AR and it’s up there in Rancho Santa Fe (where wife of McDonald’s originator lives)………when an owned dog back East,  killed owners young kid by dragging her around the back yard, strangling her with her own scarf, not only did over 200 people WANT to adopt this dog that killed a kid, no one got in trouble? We all know if some bully dog or other breed did the same exact feat of killing a kid by dragging kid around yard and strangling her, the parents would be in jail and the dog killed. The kid was not THAT young, and was obviously outside alone with the dog. The dog was not blamed for anything because it was a “golden retriever”–at least that’s our view of the story.

Instead, H Woodward took the dog and put it in a home (let’s not forget over 200 people vying for it) without kids.  We personally do not call that a success story.