OH YEAH HSUS Halo Effect Laws Dog+Cat Can’t Be Sold


But of COURSE–the NON profits can offer THEIR dogs and cats for sale!! Why? Oh, because they are non profit. Next to happen would be, you can’t give away,sell, barter or trade the pet you own. Then, you would need to get a license to give something away or sell it if in your house. When they outlaw the tropical fish and everything else, hopefully we will all be dead before that happens.




House Bill 645 will be debated in the Committee on Economic Matters on March 3rd.

Contact your State Legislator immediately and attend the Committee hearing on Thursday in Room 230, House Office Building, Annapolis, MD.

The Issue:

On February 12th, 2015, Maryland State Delegate Benjamin F. Kramer (D – District 19), submitted HB 645This bill dictates that “a retail pet store may not sell or offer for sale a dog or a cat.” 

While this bill does make an exception for existing stores in order to try to blunt the protests sure to arise from outlawing responsible businesses, it also expressly states, and thus tacitly encourages, “local government to further restrict the sale of dogs or cats by a retail pet store.”


In plain English:

Maryland is outlawing puppy and kitten sales.  The bill’s sponsor hopes that, by trying to buy off current pet store owners, he can limit the resistance to this bill.  Any security offered by this “grandfathering” would be short sighted, however.

First, this would amount to a de facto monopoly on puppy and kitten sales for current stores.  While that may sound like a good deal for existing stores, it will provide an excuse for additional legislation to shut them down in the future.

Second, this law tacitly encourages local jurisdictions to pass even tougher legislation so that the General Assembly doesn’t have to take the heat for it.  Delegate Kramer’s home district of Montgomery County, the home of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), just did that.  They banned all puppy, kitten and rabbit sales, and they did so without a grandfather clause.

Third, it could reasonably be concluded that when Delegate Kramer says “current stores” he means the current owner of the current store in the current location.  It is a sure bet that if a store tries to change or add a location, it will be shut down.  When this is coupled with the animal rights groups’ common tactic of trying to get landlords to cancel or not renew leases for pet stores, this means an expiration date on any pet store that doesn’t own their building.  Further, transfer of ownership is certain to be forbidden.  This means that the businesses that have been built over years, decades, or even generations are worthless when the owner retires.

The Potential Impact on Maryland pet stores:

This bill kills your business.  It is the major change that will make it possible to squeeze you out of existence over the next few years with minor “adjustments.”

PIJAC position:

PIJAC opposes House Bill 645.  It is our position that pet stores are a good choice for consumers to buy healthy, well socialized puppies.  We further feel that the justification for this bill, that commercial breeders mistreat their animals, is false and that being a good breeder is determined by the care provided to animals, not the number of animals in the kennel.  Please do not hesitate to contact bob@pijac.org for more information.

Recommended Action:

  1. Contact the Maryland Committee on Economic Matters immediately.
  2. Contact others in your personal and professional networks, and ask them to do the same.
  3. Contact PIJAC immediately if you are a Maryland business or resident, in order to assist in coordinating a response.
  4. Testimony must be submitted in person.  If you wish to submit testimony but can not attend the hearing, please email testimony to Bob Likins bob@pijac.org and PIJAC will ensure that it is submitted.  Please ensure that your testimony has the bill number (House Bill 645) and your signature.
  5. Contact Bob Likins bob@pijac.org if you are available next week to visit Annapolis, MD and engage with State legislators or their staffs