More AR Hype as Chihuahuas Fly to NJ from SF

So the glut of chihuahuas in the pound is solved: Just partner or pay an airline, and put it in the news. then put the dogs no one wants (remember there is a “glut” of them..) like 12????  and fly, fly, fly………….

Passengers on Virgin America Flight 174 from San Francisco to Newark, N.J., did a double take Tuesday when some of their fellow passengers barked their in-flight meal order to flight attendants. Literally.

A dozen Chihuahuas in canine carriers and their volunteer human handlers were seated around the passenger cabin of the aircraft for an early morning cross-country trip. Flight attendants pampered the puppies giving them first-class attention on the five-hour flight.

It’s not the first time that Virgin America has airlifted homeless dogs across the country. For the sixth time in five years, the airline assisted the City of San Francisco Animal Care & Control by flying Chihuahua pups in need of homes from San Francisco to the New York area. So far, more than 80 of the tiny strays have received frequent flyer points on Virgin America.

Seems that there’s a glut of the small dogs in the Bay Area and a long list of people who want to adopt quickly into loving homes in New York.

“It is great to partner once again with Virgin America to help these animals find a loving and caring home on the East Coast,” said Virginia Donohue, Director of the City of San Francisco Animal Care & Control. “With California having a major overpopulation of Chihuahuas, this partnership has continued to help us in our mission to find families for these animals in need.”

The Chihuahuas were met by volunteers from the ASPCA at Newark Liberty International Airport Tuesday afternoon and will be available for adoption in a few days. (David Handschuh/Yahoo News)

REALITY:  IF the pound would not charge $135 per dog, and a $50 charge to return it if you don’t want it, they might sell more of them. Most chihuahuas that readily shriek, bite and hate kids do not get homes quickly. AND “puppy” chihuahuas– never lack for a home. Don’t fall for the hype. Adult chis are readily available, temperament may be good or so so or not so good.

But of course there are plenty  that can find homes!!  Here is a 6lb chi mix we just got for rescue and will not be flying the dog anywhere– we will just get him a home…he only looks big in the picture.

We also have a female puppy chi, and the Mom chihuahua not shown. Both females love to jump very high. This boy below does a Houdini routine and likes to escape and is very fast but he is well tempered. He was living with family w/ 3-4 young kids and tolerated them pretty well, we did meet the kids and saw him in action.

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