Rescuer Claims Deception by Bank Attorney to State Bar

In yet another twist in the long standing horse seizure case out of Lassen County, in which The Grace Foundation CEO Ms. Decaprio, worked with the bank attorney, Lassen animal control and the “Receiver” appointed at banks’ request— we got notice from former owner of the horses (the one Decaprio says killed horses== when he did not–)– that Decaprio has lodged data with the CA State Bar against bank attorney Timothy M. Ryan, of Irvine.

DOCUMENT 1- illegal receivership (2)

Here is just ONE glaring problem:

Mr Ryan stated in his testimony:

“Susanville is a very small town. And it is very important in a small town that you make sure that you choose the right people to do things like receiverships”. (emphasis added by PD)

➢ An individual that had NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE and never before served as a receiver?

➢ A Real Estate Broker that had been investigated, cited and had their Real Estate License revoked by the California Bureau of Real Estate?

➢ A person working under a “restricted” status Broker license for prior misconduct?

Yes, THIS is who MR. TIMOTHY M. RYAN, OF IRVINE, CA, not to be confused with other more ethical attorneys with same name –hand picked, hand chose, hand selected. Yep. This was the person he selected, out of all the people…PLUS this was only a Rents/Profits–if that…but Ryan claims it was far, far more than that..but indeed, Ryan turned it into the debacle of the century……….as is well known at this point.

Ryan had to GO TO BANKRUPTCY COURT ON TURNOVER— IN ORDER TO EVEN GET THIS RECEIVER. And, we have a direct witness that was in courtroom, that tells us, the horse owner’s own attorney advised against it, but horse owner decided to go with it. and from that day on, it was nothing but a living nightmare.

There are a few things that are not exact facts in the document (not talking about depo– just the PDF talking about the general issues) but a lot of it is fairly accurate. We think there are more than 5-6  8-9   violations that the bank attorney could be accused of, if  looking at attorney conduct or misconduct, and general law. The allegations against him likely started in 2011 after the owner filed bankruptcy.

After having followed the case since 2011, the bank is no closer to taking any property back than it was 7 years ago, in our opinion. The bankruptcy has not been dismissed. But now the “banks” are apparently trying to cover the damaging statements in an order , findings or alleged ruling  (allegedly by banks, “not” an order but a claimed ruling by the banks…)  from Lassen Superior Court December 2014, which clearly state that the Receiver (actually controlled by attorney Ryan) was controlled by Ryan, and not the Court, and a host of similar truths.

To try and get rid of an order or claimed ruling –(the banks say it’s not an order, it’s only a ruling that was not made into an order?)…. which stated these truths, the banks claim they are trying to clarify the ruling. Hardly. The “ruling” is clear and the statements were used by the Judge to make his determination, and were thus material to the decision. To take all of the data out that the banks find need “clarifying” is nonsense. It’s quite obvious to see the banks simply don’t want this in an order. Or a “ruling.” Whether Judge could have issued the order  or alleged ruling without the statements is not the question. The real question is “clarification” is not required for a non ambiguous statement… but the banks claim removal would clarify the order?  Big joke to us.

The banks have had years to try and pretend the “Receiver” was done correctly, that their receivership was “correct.” It was not correct and it will never be. When attorney Ryan personally used Facebook and other online portals to gloat about taking down the horse owner, about the horses,etc, then later did the same in Los Angeles against the CEO of the horse rescue–we realized this guy was a real piece of work. With an ego problem. Not saying the CEO is innocent, because she is not. However, it goes to show that when all one cares about is making money, being right, and riding over other people, it cannot end well. It never, ever does.

Last but not least, apparently the CEO of the horse rescue sent the horse owner an apology. Unfortunately, it’s like 4 years too late, after CEO kept plugging her video that owner killed all the horses when in fact, he did not.

But at least the CEO has filed the State Bar charges, since she WAS the client of the bank attorney prior. A conflict of interest, no doubt. Any bank attorney, but apparently not Mr. Timothy M. Ryan,  would have known better. But this one was simply too damn egotistical, with a super high opinion of his glorious self to boot, because of all his claimed wins in court.   Plus he put it out on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else he could, to prove that he did a one up on the rescue CEO.  We always knew he would win against the CEO, because after all, he’s managed to create the debacle of the century in Lassen County, and STILL hasn’t gotten the property back.

He was kicked off the case after the CEO case went to Los Angeles with her lawsuit against Ryan, Lassen and etc.,  which was ultimately dismissed. CEO of non profit, rather than to face the facts of how the CEO got entangled with the Ryan attorney, and how CEO was using the non profit donations because she was owed money from the non profit due to lending the non profit money, the CEO gave up right before trial; this does not look good on paper. Essentially a tactical move because CEO would have lost and her non profit smeared even worse. Had CEO NOT kept sending out messages claiming  Ryan was doing criminal acts, but had an attorney vet her messages FIRST–she could at least have NOT allowed Ryan to sue her for defamation?

Ryan  bragged he had free attorneys representing him as he had insurance coverage in Los Angeles case.  Non profit CEO  created harm in first place, by taking owner’s horses, giving some and selling some,  claiming owner killed  horses(he did not)- and then working with bank attorney and Lassen County–the CEO  (with her non profit) mounted the case with Ryan helping, against horse-land owner.  During that time, so much shenanigans went on, that Ryan amassed emails that could be used against CEO. However, we have already seen plenty that indicates Ryan is no angel.

There is a case pending in California that might end up settling how the horse  property is or is not then ‘taken’ by the bank, whether equitably or otherwise (since non judicial foreclosure simply cannot be done, since banks don’t have clear title and claim they have equitable title, which is highly questionable if it was done by attorney Ryan in our opinion…since he had no money judgment…..) Let’s assume Mr. Ego mania guy Ryan knows the cases on review, and is worried it might come to pass. If so, then the banks will never get the property.