AG Starts Special Unit after PETA Steals Dog+Kills it, Replacing it with Fruit Basket

All:   Could YOU simply just drive up in a van, to an area of your choosing, like a mobile home park,  and scoop up any animal off another’s porch, take it and kill it, and then replace the animal with a FRUIT BASKET?????

………… and then no government prosecutor will touch you for any crime, because he/or they claim they can’t find beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime occurred, even though it’s completely filmed on video???

The fruit basket was only given after the owner called police and then PETA worker gave the fruit basket to owner—-which shows evidence in our minds, that indeed, we are looking  not only at brainwashed, but severely AR-propaganda induced psychosis…………….

PETA= Your Brain turned into Mush= DEMENTIA

The Accomack County Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 4 obtained arrest warrants for PETA workers Victoria Jean Carey, 54, and Jennifer Lisa Woods, 52, both of Virginia Beach, Virginia. They were arrested the next day, charged with larceny of a dog and released on personal recognizance bond.

One of the women visited Cerate a couple of days after Maya was taken and told him the Chihuahua had been destroyed. She apologized and handed him a fruit basket, he said.

Maya’s death has sparked outrage far beyond the Eastern Shore of Virginia, with the report making headlines in news outlets across the nation.

But Commonwealth Attorney Gary Agar declined to prosecute the case, saying there wasn’t criminal intent.  

“In reviewing the case, I did not find that there

was criminal intent in the evidence

beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said.

Armstrong and other supporters disagree. //Note: Remember–the actions of PETA-philes always make HSUS’ actions seem mild. In fact, PETA has no credibility, they have sensationalism. HSUS is in Federal Courts nationwide ALL THE TIME. That’s why HSUS is so dangerous. Like cancer.

BUT THERE’S HOPE: attorney general of Virginia created his own legal unit, animal law group designed specifically for this type of case, after local government decided not to prosecute 2 PETA people for stealing a pet chihuahua in Accomack county…..  HOWEVER–it seems–it’s the same unit that HSUS is claiming to work with…..(we mentioned that on another post recently)

and below………...former PETA worker admits how she got out of PETA …and the relentless killing of pets or animals…..


The bottom line: Most hardcore  AR related “non profits” are dedicated to eradication of  any use of animals by people (no animals for food or products or science,etc. and no pets or livestock of course…)  No buying, no selling, no breeding.

Some AR groups are in in for the $$$$ alone– and exist by using the ploy of saving animals, by either killing them (but not for food or to make leather for example..)— or by USING the animals to RAISE $$$$. Such as HSUS using plight of “seized” dogs or animals, for fundraising purposes; using Katrina dogs for same, and failing to account for millions of bucks raised in Katrina scam. And never having to really account for it.

Then HSUS and other AR groups go to legislators to pass laws which will eliminate use of animals, or ability to buy/sell them.  For example, HSUS has consistently attempted to pass Federal law which would eliminate ownership, buying, selling, of any animal, bird, fish, etc.— which is not indigenous to the area. That means no tropical fish, no tropical birds (for a start) and then they would eliminate such non indigenous animals from exhibits and zoos of course, but allow them in their own non profit owned “sanctuaries.” 

And let’s not forget: in the Animal Rights Textbook (the one they use in law school to teach animal law)– in the third Edition, page 69, it  states– if the property status of animals was eliminated, and the commercial use of animals was eliminated, should the animals be (there are only 3 choices):

1. euthanized     2. put in sanctuary     3. sterilized

OBVIOUSLY—– every single “option” means the same thing. They ALL DIE OUT.