Can YOU Be Bought Off by AR $$$? Most People Can…

The truth is that for most people–money talks and everything else doesn’t really matter.  So if HSUS, ASPCA or any governmental people or any private non profit, were to offer YOU like $100k, $1million, any big numbers, huge cash, or huge lucrative advertising, to promote THEIR AR agenda, whether veiled, not veiled, whether hidden or not, whether readily apparent or not—we believe that about 98% of the American population would most definitely TAKE IT.

Therein lies the BIG difference between real truth and justa talkin’ about it, y’all……

Very few if any people, will turn down money like that.

In fact, at Pet Defense, we actually think we are among the very, very few that are not interested in being bought. We can’t be bought anyway, because taking money to compromise our actual beliefs can never happen simply because we won’t allow it.

So now when you see people go down for their religious beliefs, since it’s Easter, you see why they did it.  They would not lie to save themselves. and in the case of true belief, if you hate ARs and what they represent, that animals are equal to people, it’s sad but true–that many people actually believe it. And you wonder why we have problems in the world? an ant is a dog is a pig is a boy or whatever [Ingrid’s belief]  But murder is illegal right now. But if ARs change the definition of murder, then it could be murder if you kill an animal since it would then be equal to a person? In fact right now, killing 10  even 5 animals may get you more years in prison than drunk driving and killing one person. In fact, for dog fighting, one guy in the South got over 100 YEARS.

So remember that–especially when ARs say whales are slaves and entitled to rights under the Constitution (oh brother–yes, that was actually filed in Federal Court, San Diego) and when HSUS says we should make it illegal to own or sell any species [fish,bird,animal,etc] not indigenous to wherever they are being sold or bred; that pet shows,pony rides,carriage horses, rodeos,Sea World, petting zoos and even zoos, are “abuse” to animals?  Everything is abuse to ARs.  And we mean it.