Eaglet and Eagle Cam, Live


No animal abuse here, no naming of baby eaglets (they are only numbered, they are not pets), no rescued stories, no seizure, no sensationalism, just live footage of the eaglets and then later, they are monitored to see how far they go, etc.

and yes, animals are killed to feed the babies…fish, mice,snakes,squirrels,whatever….and yes, owls and hawks try and kill the babies but one parent eagle usually remains with the eaglets while the other goes out for food.

For past few years, the cam has been available for every hatch. Most times we think there have been 3 eaglets. The project also has cams on different other birds in various locations. Even though a non profit scientific group, the cam was so successful, they gained enough donations in one year to fund the cam and people working on it for about 2 years. They shut off the donations then, unlike some other groups we won’t mention LOL