For all the Haters Out There–Aim at ARs, Not at Stores!!

So this is what ARs love to hate?

It looks Legal to us…….. Show us a Shelter dog

that comes with all of the same? Very few dogs from stores end up in shelters. Almost none.                       

 For all the haters out there……………………… The Petland Franchise is considered by Entrepreneur magazine, to be
highly rated……………….. and despite all the crap the ARs love to sling, normally suing Petland and the Hunte Corporation
fails…….like in Arizona, when HSUS tried it…… didn’t go very far…………… fact, Hunte was exonerated in total, and
only a few claims survived against Petland, which likely did not go very far either.
So then HSUS decided, well, let’s go
city to city and pass bad law.  And indeed they did. But as we have stated, it will not keep going because it does interfere  with interstate commerce and due process in most cases, to say the least. There are actually many legal reasons that most  of the ordinances we have seen are faulty. But opposing the law does require specific handling and every ordinance is different.
The truth is, that ARs cannot find fault with the animals themselves, because they have tried, but cannot prove anything  more is wrong with the animals than any other animals.
And they don’t really try to prove it because it would require
many years and many factual databases that simply do not exist.  For example, NO ONE in the USA actually knows how many
animal shelters there are? Or rescues?  They have to “guess.”  They also don’t know how many animals are killed nationwide,  they guess at that as well. So they CERTAINLY do not know that pets from pet stores have a higher rate of mortality or any  illness at all.  They just CLAIM they know, without any facts to prove it.
The bottom line is, ARs just don’t like kenneling and raising puppies in that form for sale. It is legal, and it is federal law.
If the Feds are not changing it, then it is here to stay.  People can quit buying such pets, no one can force them to buy a
pet if they don’t want to do so.  If the stores have pets and no one wants to buy them, then so be it. But not because of the  reasons that the Extremists keep saying– which apply simply to methods they do not like (breeding more than once a year,
not doing the exact testing they want them to do, not leaving every dog in a beautiful carpeted crate,etc.)
In fact, many of  the “seized” and “illegal” pictures shown by ARs, are very old photos of non registered kennels which are not compliant and were not attempting to be…. of course there will always be errant kennels just like errant anything else?? Such errant operations are a huge $$$$-maker for AR people–imagine the donations that pile in, imagine the free press, the advertising  and all the commotion………without these “seizures” and “busts” they would not have any free national press, no free stories, no Michael Vick to pimp off, no AR dog food to push, no purported shelter animals to sell???  Not give away—but SELL….
Such selling is really nothing but a guilt game for them, an emotional ploy to prey upon those who might feel guilty.
And apparently–IT WORKS.  When the “appropriate” dog kills a kid, the “appropriate” dog (not a bully dog) then gets 200  people who want to BUY the dog— and then they either have a raffle of the best potential buyers, or they select one owner.
Nevertheless, if the killer dog was the NON appropriate dog, THEN such dog must be killed instantly, because it killed a kid.  But not if it’s the “appropriate” type dog.  Meaning like: Golden retriever? Yellow lab? Poodle? Australian shep? Large mastiff that had never bitten? (Questionable)  Greyhound that has bitten? (not killed)
The pets from pet stores are nothing (in numbers) —when compared to overall owned dogs, for example, as far as actual numbers go. Like show dogs, there just aren’t that many of them.
So although they are sold, they are disproportionately  under represented overall, as most people obtain dogs/puppies from friends, family and other sources; about 50% of owned  dogs are “purebred” and 50% are muttlinks. Supposedly anyway.
It is our guesstimate (just like ARs do) that pet store pups
account for less than 5% of owned pets, but they are sold via interstate commerce, placed into the stream of commerce, to be  sold across the USA and other countries.   The entire franchise is based upon interstate commerce, because the product (pets) are shipped in, just like fish and other animals. Just like chickens are shipped from chicken farms or wherever. It is interstate commerce and HSUS has also tried to STOP the mailing of chicks nationwide.  That did not work.
Last but not least, never use the AR slang such as PM……’s useless, and it subjects people to scorn when they have
not even done anything wrong.  Like if we called your kid a criminal misfit when he was not a criminal nor a misfit.
Or we called you a “hoarder” of animals, which implicates both mental issues, and subjective criminal negligence?
           And we did it because we don’t like people to keep more than 7 animals? Lord only knows, we wouldn’t want you on our JURY panel if you must label everyone.
  To be frank, to “use” the PM word shows lack
of knowledge, and lack of intelligence.
Let the ARs fling their own words,
but don’t do them favors by using their crap.

Below is a nice looking pet that killed the kid next to him. Allegedly he shook the kid to death…..He (dog)  was allowed to be saved and allegedly had been a family  pet with the kid.  Let’s just hope wherever the dog went, it won’t kill an adult.

 Whereas, for example,  all of the generic pitbull type
dogs [obtained from shelter, and one was already pregnant] owned by the grandfather in Contra Costa County, were all  instantly killed after some of them apparently mauled/killed the grandson who wandered into the garage. The kid’s ear was torn off and his joints were dislocated, he suffered over 100 wounds. Those facts alone would be reason enough to forego a jury.
Grandfather convicted of involuntary manslaughter but his sentence was one Year in jail and 3yr probation. The one year indicates it was likely misdemeanor not felony.
PROSECUTOR argued for 10 (TEN) year sentence… claiming….there were too many red flags leading up to the death….the defense argued that the owner had no way of knowing the dogs would attack. Although the dogs had attacked other animals, it is true that does not necessarily mean they would attack people.
But due to there being more than 2 dogs (it seems there may have been 5–normally that should NEVER be allowed…) that number is sheer folly if you are an experienced rescuer with the breed type or larger dogs.
      ——> IF in fact, the dogs in the garage had been Goldens or Poodles, which were NOT from a shelter—- do we
really think  all dogs would be killed instantly?  HARDLY.

 ARs will never tell you, nor admit the truth– that more than 50% of deaths are caused by shelter, rescued or rehomed dogs.  ARs  “may” not even KNOW this fact.

And that will never change.  Despite fact that shelter/rescue/rehomed are only like 15% of all owned canines— One cannot get astronomical odds like that without some factual basis.  And that basis is based on lack of knowledge, lack of dog behavior experience, lack of common sense, and over-reliance on AR nonsense that every canine is a great pet.  

Couple that with a small amount of negligence and you got a dead kid, a dead adult, or several dead people.  Most shelter dogs are not trained. Some are. When dogs pack up–even if there are only 2-3–this is just a nightmare waiting to explode.  Never be in same place with 2-3 dogs of any larger size if you have no protection. You likely won’t stand a chance.

We always, always, always advise: Do not obtain a shelter dog when you are a novice owner with kids. Never, never, never.
You are not an experienced dog person, an experienced trainer, or even an experienced pet person. Always remember–animals in
shelters are killed not only because they cannot get a home— some of them are simply not safe, period.  It’s not like we have  never done rescue.  We have, and it has been for many years.  Temperament testing is not infallible.