The Shell Game Continues re Kennels

Let us pretend there were/are no kennels, and no commercial kennels. Then WHO would the AR faction be picking on? What LAWS will they pass against whom?!?  For HSUS, they would outlaw ownership/sales/breeding of any NON indigenous species/animal.

That is attempted nearly every year by HSUS in Congress.

For canines, the answer is anyone, any entity, any  entity that is NOT a non profit, any entity that dares to SELL a puppy or kitten……………any person who DARES to SELL a puppy, any person who dares to advertise a puppy? It is now illegal for a vet, vet tech or a groomer, pet sitter or anything to do with animals (groom,instruct,teach,babysit,train,etc)–to sell an animal in certain areas or even place of business, because it might trigger the “abuse” law under the Penal Code in California (they put it under malicious mischief) and it applies to dog shows, cat shows, bird shows, etc. If you transfer that animal while stepping on asphalt to put it in your car, technically you are on public ground, or a parking lot, which makes it illegal. The ARs first exempted themselves- non profits that rescue/rehome. Later on, We can’t recall if swap meets and other fairs are exempt….

Looking at Craigslist for example, the ARs got CL to make a rule that each animal must be rehomed for a small fee. It does not specifiy the fee. But right now, one can go on CL nationally and find tons of dogs and puppies for $25, $400, $700 and more. And we don’t see them all being flagged off? Wouldn’t surprise us to find that AR groups then petition CL to eliminate the animal/pets section completely.

In the past, most puppy sales [regardless of sale, give away or rehome] — were flagged immediately. But now that laws are being passed eliminating  sales of dogs from kennels, where such dogs come with guarantees, health records and more, it is the AR stance that such dogs from a commercial kennel are all bad.  Bad being relative to the AR mantra of  kennels are bad. Of course such kennels are actually legal and if in compliance, there is nothing legally wrong. An individual breeder who is not compliant risks the ire of the AR undercover thugs or HSUS (and there is bad in everything so nothing new..)

Yet AR groups try and eliminate the sales interstate of such pups derived from such kennels, which to us, is a clear federal violation. A state can not likely pass statewide laws to eliminate such sales, so they would have to pass laws that claim any puppy must have been reared in a place which does A, B, and C– but leave it at that.

And how exactly one could prove any of that would be nearly impossible. Enforcement would be the same. Unlike the HSUS voters that VOTED for chickens to have more room in cages, studies now show bigger cages may increase cannibalism and does not decrease it. The leading cause of death in bigger cages is still cannibalism and not disease. As for claims of salmonella poisoning being reduced [which was the ruse used for hens’ law] — we doubt that could ever really be proven since it was tenuous to start with. In case you didn’t know, that is why the price of eggs has gone up 35% + or more in California. The average minimum wage employee simply quits buying eggs.

So for consumers who want cute puppies, and don’t want one from ANY kennel, good luck finding a local breeder. Those dogs are usually expensive. Meaning a lot more than several hundred– more like $1,000, $2,000 etc.  Such pups might come with same guarantee as breeders give out generally. Yet the kenneling aspect is really not the question to us, even though it is to AR fanatics.

Even if APHIS changed the regs on kennels, it would NEVER EVER satisfy the ARs because the truth IS–they hate kennels, they hate tie outs, they hate crates, they hate any type of restraint for animals, period. The only restraint they may accept is a leash, since in a city in NM, it is animal ABUSE if your dog is not ON a leash.

They want all pets on the couch, on the bed, eating at dinner table (maybe next to the people) and some actually feed them FROM the table… the AR pet stores call it “pet parents” “pethood” ad nauseum. The word guardian is sometimes used.

It is never pet owner — never. In other words, you can’t OWN your pet even though you DO OWN it.

You can’t do what you want, because ARs tell us how we must do what THEY want us to do with our own property. Talk about commercial greed?  ARs have the most commercial greed in the world if we judge just by the millions they take in, USING the plight of the poor liddle kitty and puppy. AND they don’t give them away. They make you buy the animals, AND sign contracts to boot?

Courts have stated point blank, that in fact, non profits are part of interstate commerce and have been for many many years. Cancer societies, medical societies, hospitals, symphonies, ballet groups, anti-defamation groups, legal groups, you name it–a non profit can take almost any form.

The fact that the non profit purpose/no payment of tax is the biggest boon–there is NO limit on salaries of those compensated, and there is NO requirement that the group LOSE any money. In fact, many of them have millions/millions. They are ALLOWED TO MAKE A PROFIT.  Don’t be confused by the word “non profit” which only applies to the purpose of the group. We don’t need to look further than HSUS and ASPCA and their alleged racketeering payout to the circus.

Non profits are not fooling us. No matter what they say or do, we get it all right. End the use of animals by chipping away day by day, by brainwashing small kids, by eliminating the belief that raising a puppy from birth is OK–and instead, by forcing people to BUY the cast off dog or cat, with no other choices.  If we were to try and force people to ONLY adopt kids–how many people do we think would vote for that law? Probably the AR people. And if that doesn’t fly, join up with PETA and steal some dogs and then kill them because you can. PETA says.

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