First they take the dogs, then cats, then birds, then rabbits, guineas, then rodents, then fish.

Then tropical birds, tropical lizards, snakes.

Then “rare” breeds, purebreds, and BYBs????

What’s left?!!  WTH??


  • Mark Lauzon · Owner at San Diego Webworks

    Has anyone actually looked at where the puppies are coming from? From what I know they are coming from legitimate breeders and are receiving all there immunization. Since it ok to purchase from a breeders why is not ok to purchase from a pet shop who gets there puppies from the same breeders?
  • Gustavo García · Freelancer at Vazquez Truck Line

    Come on! I will buy from wherever I want!
  • Doug Staley · Chairman/CEO at Chairman/C.E.O. dPetguy Media

    The same a/r groups that say don’t buy from puppy mills are buying from them and turn around and resell them to the public under the guise of retail rescue. They are unregulated and their dogs are sick, under immunized,etc. But that’s ok huh? They import dogs from other countries that don’t believe in immunizations and suddenly there are outbreaks of major dog diseases that haven’t existed in this country in over 50 years. This is ok because they are saving them right?
    No they are making money pulling at the heart strings of people who believe their methods & motives are savior like. Wake up to the real truth about “retail rescue” before you have no choice in America as to what type of dog you want & no other choice but to buy from a monopoly know as “retail rescue”.
  • Michael Stolkey · Kent State University

    The animal rights extremists are pushing their agendas to close pet stores in order to hi-jack the industry. Their intention is to put themselves as the only source of dogs and cats thus replacing a regulated industry with an unregulated one. This is issue is about money, not animal welfare! Worse, they purchase from the substandard breeders that they claim to abhor in order to fuel both their supply and pockets. Wake up America! Do your homework!
    • Victoria Mendoza · Rock Valley College

      Then close down the puppy mills. NOT PET STORES! Focus on the problem! It’s a shame that pet stores don’t euthanize their dogs if they don’t find homes. They keep them until they find a great home. Why is the shelter allowed to euthanize? I helped my friend rescue a German Shepherd from a shelter. They warned us not to rescue this dog. They said he tried to bite the vet tech when she went to pick him up and put him on the table for his vaccine. (Someone needs education on the German Shepherd breed) I own one and I know all about them and how they are. They don’t like someone picking them up. Well I asked the shelter what would happen if we decided not to rescue him, and they said he would be euthanized. So we rescued him. I helped my friend get his dog into the training class my dog had, and he is the best dog ever!! To think, he almost died! Makes no sense!