Here is Why the USA has Lost Ground Economically

If you are in business and have ever wondered why small businesses believe it’s difficult to survive, here is an example of why the USA people today are no longer independent thinkers.

For the most part, people in the USAdo not think intelligently or rationally, instead, they are overtly and overly swayed by both internet propaganda and heavily laden emotionally wrought propaganda, particular via u tube, other videos, and continuous detrimental reliance on techno gadgets.

With heavy emphasis and shift on what is DEVIANT and not generalized, nearly all emphasis is focused on what is the singular, emotional, and unusual, odd, perverted, or non normal. All social media sensationalism, the news and much on TV and the press is simply about DEVIANT behavior.

And when people try, for example, to outlaw pet stores–that is deviant behavior in action. IF you cannot realize that, you have fallen prey to animal rights actions. You have fallen prey to the same propaganda used to wipe out people and countries. When this type of mentality starts and gains speed, it is much easier to lead people into thinking a particular way via repetition.

In the end, it shows those who can rationally think, vs those who think not with the brain, but who only run on emotion. We pity the future for new generations, as there is no backbone left in the USA when we find far too many people know Facebook, but have never even read a book.