HSUS Now Pushing Walmart to be AR With Suppliers

Walmart is listening to HSUS…   Does anybody care???   IF you do CARE…  then take the time to contact Walmart Execs and let them know that HSUS has paid Feld Entertainment $15.75 million to avoid going to trial for RICO violations!!  and you won’t be shopping at Walmart anymore!! because they are supporting RACKETEERING!
Do you still think you can just sit back and quietly WAIT???   Wait for what???  The “A.R’s (animal rights activists) are counting on you NOT to take a Stand or to do anything!!!  So they can continue to legislate and coerce you into losing your animals!!
Wayne Pacelle, head of HSUS is sending out all over the country…you need to go to his blog to read it because we will not print it here to improve his propaganda machine,  He is encouraging everyone to get on the bandwagon, and support what they    HSUS is  advocating…  Time to READ BETWEEN THE LINES…
One more control of the livestock industry, means ONE more FREEDOM and RIGHT GONE!!!  Are you going to sit back and do nothing???  Take the time to get to your local Walmart and let your local Walmart Manager know that you won’t be shopping at Walmart anymore, since they are supporting RACKETEERING!!!
Walmart is calling on its suppliers  work toward  animals raised allowing natural behaviors,  space and socialization with  species,  provided more comfortable living conditions, no painful mutilations, or mental discomfort or distress, and ready access to water and feed.
…battery cages, sows (gestation crate)  calves (veal crates) as practices that “must end”
(that’s WP’s words from his blog, we will not print verbatim what propaganda he keeps pushing, but clearly, HSUS is now focused on the END product BUYERS both wholesale and retail—NOT the producers…it’s much easier to show a wholesale BUYER that if HSUS can improve THEIR popularity (the BUYER’s), then BUYER makes MORE $$$$???  HELLO??
The article then claimed WM working w/suppliers to address the welfare issues surrounding tail docking, dehorning, castration, and to move to slaughter systems that cause less pain.
PD note:  “painful” mutilations? How about we get WP of HSUS castrated and end it once and for all? He won’t have kids anyway, so he won’t suffer right???? There are 2 people in the world that we look forward to seeing their demise. One is WP and the other is Ingrid. The damage they have done to younger people can never really be calculated. they are far worse than scientology.
Let’s be serious……………..if WM wanted to become Whole Foods Market which is going almost broke these days because their prices are high– WM would not be WM…. supporting the HSUS alleged humane this and that means the mindset change to people who want to buy into it— and if the American people are the sheep that we think they are, they will buy it 100% due to Facebook and techno crap cramming it down their throats.
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