The Bulls are Still Illegal in Aurora Colorado

….Repeal had been a long running discussion in the community.  The issue had seen some significant media coverage even before the ballot came up.  The media and council were told by Aurora Animal Control that the ban was working and that bites in the community had been reduced, though they neglected to provide any data.   The actual data, obtained via a request to the city attorney, tells a very different story…………..Aurora is one of the few places where DNA testing is codified in the law.

Because of this, we can see exactly how good animal control is at the job of identifying “pit bulls.” 76% of the time, dogs being targeted under the ban are not covered under the wording of the law.

76% of the time, resources in the form of man hours and money are wasted on dogs that are unlucky enough to look the part.  This information was also readily available via the city attorney’s office, but, yet again, both animal control and the media neglected to mention, even once, how abysmal the breed identification track record is.

*PD note: yes, one of our contributors was involved in attempting to take down the Aurora law years ago, but Judge Daniel found that the ban was rational because bully dogs tore up wooden pallets, wouldn’t get adopted, and took up all the space in shelters, among other non reasons. That is the evidence used by AC/shelters+city attorneys. Apparently rational can mean anything. It need not really make a lot of sense.