Is HSUS Losing or Are AR Wholesalers+Equity Biz Really in Charge?

We all know that HSUS for years now, at least 8 years– has mounted the largest campaign to take down the industry of buying and selling animals. By promoting propaganda, and placing all breeders into one category (“evil”) essentially, and shutting down pet stores, forcing sales of only rescue animals, claiming only $75 bags of kibble are good enough for a rescued animal, etc, we can see there is a marked change in the Pet Industry.

They get bought out by equity firms. Like Pet Smart got sold to English equity biz.  England runs a completely different show when it comes to animals, they do not even allow animal testing on rats. RATS.

Humane Watch, has data now that since HW started, HSUS income or contributions are going down.

Well, that may be so. But if the food/animal industry is any indication, they usually do not do everything they can do to help owners, but instead, just go with whoever has more money. But recall, worldwide dog show back east, Westminster, dropped PEDIGREE dog food– after 24 years— as the brand they touted, and replaced it….and that’s after the AR rescue rescue rescue, sad faces, sick animals, etc. — was using the PEDIGREE brand to help market rescued animals, in particular, dogs.  PEDIGREE was heavily marketed and still is, for rescue groups.

In the past, the Pet Industry relied on HSUS for many reasons.  As tainted as HSUS and its compadre ASPCA are (after all, it was racketeering they paid out on…), they are not anywhere near extinction.  They have far too many videos, programs, children’s stuff and the money to promote it.

So recently, several editions of the Pet Industry publication has shown, for example, photos of PITBULLS…something that we had never seen ever. We counted them, it appeared to be 7 separate ads or photos.   Pitbulls or bullies in advertising dog food, toys, etc. Remember, Rachel Ray claims some percentage of her dog food profits are going to some charitable cause for rescue, it says that on every bag. A pet industry magazine (Pet Business) also noted recently, that to engage the public with a favorable opinion (rather than non-favorable opinion or neutral opinion) — pet related businesses have to focus on how they could do this.

Pet food brand Purina has had a program for community/animal shelters for some time now. As we can see, this is all just cross marketing to pet owners while lumping in social awareness, BUT at the same time, did HSUS or any other AR groups lay the groundwork to the pet industry, or did all the “videos” of abused animals do the trick?

The Pet Industry realizes now, that groups like HSUS and all the AR propaganda is what fuels hatred toward the pet industry itself.

Re-vamping the PET INDUSTRY to “conform” to the AR beliefs, turns into money $$ for all involved simply because the consumer has been propagandized to buy into the AR belief.  

AR beliefs=$$$$$ in case no one has recognized it???   Duh….  despite ARs capitalizing on consumers who are not very smart, ARs know the marketing game.

Yet it is the AR groups that claim it’s not about “making money or profit” when that is exactly what it is. Non profits are some of the biggest money makers in the world.

The Pet Industry pointed out in March 2015, that  pet food and treat companies are being sold with huge profits to new investors. Manufacturer of products like Milk Bone, Kibbles ‘n Bits and Meow Mix, sold the company to Smucker for $5.8 billion; the company that SOLD was OWNED by private equity investors (who were looking to cash out with reportedly double their money after only 4 years of ownership.)  Hedge funds are often found located in Cayman Islands, and that’s where HSUS has invested according to HumaneWatch.

HSUS doesn’t do anything that doesn’t benefit them. So if there is no money or no tabloid exploit or Jerry Springer or other legal action that HSUS can use, HSUS isn’t going to spend ANY money on things which do not BRING THEM ADDITIONAL $$$$$$$.