Prop 2 + Stupid CA Voters Triples Egg Prices

The average price of a dozen large eggs in California in May increased 71% since April, to an average of $3.03. Nationally, the average price stood at $2.62, up 120% since April.

“When the California egg law went into effect Jan. 1, mandating enclosure sizes for laying hens, the national large white egg prices were $0.82 to 1.04 per dozen. In California, egg prices were $2.75 to 3.30 per dozen,” Klippen said.

“With national prices approximating $3 per dozen, expect California egg prices to be closer to $5 per dozen.”  Guess most of us won’t be buying any eggs.


YOUR’RE DAMN RIGHT. and the stupid voters of CA gave it up.

Now y’all got no one to blame except yourself, if you voted for Prop 2. This will cause the price of live chickens to go up since those eggs don’t cost $5.00 a dozen. Wait until HSUS steers equity firms into investing in feed for chickens.