Does Chipolte Listen to HSUS? Carnitas Shortage

…[C]hipotle has particular requirements for its pork suppliers that are uncommon—allegedly more humane practices—and it recently dropped a supplier who wasn’t meeting these requirements. The result is that Chipotle stopped serving carnitas at one-third of its restaurants. Chipotle can’t find a replacement supplier.

Food companies who have made similar pledges to only buy “HSUS-approved” pork—meaning pork from farms that don’t use maternity pens—in the future have a similar problem. The supply isn’t there. Farmers predominantly house pregnant pigs in maternity pens because it protects the animals. They have no intention of changing that practice, which is approved of by veterinarians.

So what you have is some food providers who have been snookered by HSUS deception regarding pork practices and who have committed themselves to buying something that is costly and only slightly more prevalent than unicorns. The chickens are now coming home to roost, and the food providers are realizing it.

So what will happen? It’s obvious. When Chipotle has faced supply shortages of chicken and beef in the past, Chipotle has simply served “conventionally produced” beef and chicken. And customers kept buying chicken and steak burritos.

If supply comes to shortage, most companies will choose to give their customers what they really want—animal protein—instead of adhering to a wishy-washy pledge that was made to placate the vegan HSUS activists buzzing around them like gnats.

In fact, over the past year the number of companies making pledges at the behest of HSUS has dropped like a rock. Companies are figuring out that listening to anti-meat activists on meat policies isn’t a smart strategy.

Pacelle, a longtime vegan who imposed his animal-free philosophy on HSUS staff, must know that he is fighting a losing battle. That would be the easiest explanation for his constant vitriol at HumaneWatch.