More AR Crap in NY, Free Attorney for Animals

Pets in Syracuse now have right to an attorney

Pets in Syracuse now have right to an attorney?

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – All people have a right to an attorney. Now pets in
Syracuse will have that right too.

A new program from the Onondaga County Bar Association pairs volunteer
lawyers with abused animal cases, so the pet has an advocate.

Harmful pet owners don’t always give up their animals, so now attorneys
will be able to intervene. Animals who are seized by police are still
treated as owned property, so are required to sit in a kennel as the
legal system plays out.

The idea of the new program is to have the animals removed from danger
more easily, and then put into foster homes instead of a kennel.


Now exactly WHO will get paid to do all this? Can we easily surmise that the non profits will run forward to claim the lien charges on a daily basis? Monthly? Yearly?  Isn’t that what happened when attorney Karp in Oregon or Washington said— a lien over the dogs means the dogs don’t get returned because owner didn’t pay the lien for storage?  and in California, not only will you not get your animal back, you owe the money for storage anyway.  AND even if you’re ACQUITTED they can take your animals before you ARE acquitted by forfeiture.

So, apparently transgender, gays,liberals and animals get whatever they want or need, but everyone else, we aren’t high up enough on the chain to worry about?