Should Have Brought Pitbull or Guardian, not Retrievers On donkey Walk

Judge sues neighbors over injuries she suffered in donkey attack

A Washington state judge has sued her neighbors over injuries she suffered in a donkey attack last year, alleging that they failed to warn her about a defective fence post and the animal’s “dangerous propensities.”

For a decade, King County Superior Court Judge Julie Spector walked her two golden retrievers regularly on a Carnation farm owned by Timothy and Mary Nelson, at their invitation, and fed carrots to their two donkeys and a horse, she says in the suit. But on Feb. 8, 2014, when Spector interrupted the carrot-feeding to listen to a voicemail on her cellphone, a donkey broke through a fence and attacked one of the judge’s dogs, reports theSeattle Times.

Spector intervened, punching the donkey on its muzzle and attempting to force open its jaws with her hands. It released the dog and attacked her, biting her hand and arm with such force that bones were shattered, the suit alleges. The donkey then bit her thigh, lifting her off the ground and shaking her like a rag doll, the suit says. “Her glasses and cellphone went flying and, at this point, she thought she was going to die.”

Instead, the judge grabbed and rock and beat the donkey’s muzzle until he let her go. She then crawled half a mile, dragging her injured right leg, to get help, the suit says.

Spector’s lawyer, Dan Mallove, says she and the neighbors tried to settle the case in mediation, to no avail. “The Nelsons are nice people and I think they’d like to see the case resolved but I think the problem is their insurance company,” Mallove told the Seattle Times.

A lawyer for the Nelsons did not respond to the newspaper’s request for comment.

Spector has returned to work, but her suit says she suffered permanent and disabling injuries.


What we want to know is–how exactly would it be proven that the owners KNEW they had a dangerous animal, if the animal had been complacent for a “decade” while Judge had fed it?  How did the Judge know that the fence was in need of repair or that the animal could not have escaped anyway? What complaints were ever made against the livestock–we assume a donkey is considered livestock…. How do we know the dogs didn’t jump up at the donkey first?

Moral of story:  Don’t bring your cellphone to use while feeding livestock with your goldens. Maybe better bring a pitbull who can stop the donkey.Or any dog worth its salt.