..and Now, even the Vets are Mad at Affordable “ShotVet” at Walgreens Parking lots


…the first thing we thought of was, is this mostly only for rescued animals and is this program pitched by shelters where the program is implemented?

As a pet owner, think about it. You’re going to a clinic outside. We assume it won’t be raining. Or if it is raining, that they are using shelter apparatus. In any event, doesn’t this just sound like attorneys lamenting about inexpensive paralegals taking away all their clients? Thanks to the real estate debacle, the USA hasn’t soured on home ownership totally, but it also has not recovered fully.

Why does anyone think that just because something could be done with less expense, that we need to do away with it? We all know that most drugs which are illegal are never going away. alcohol is not going away.  And pet ownership, even if more of them or less, is not going to stop.

Anytime someone or something thinks up a new business, it simply opens the door to different ventures, different people, and different outlook.  If you don’t want to go to a Walgreen’s parking lot then don’t go.  If it is fine with you, then do go. We believe that ventures such as the one in this case is likely something that AR groups would encourage, as they may have invested in the enterprise for their portfolios.

Very few humans die of a rabid dog bite, so it is likely that rabies shots may not be the main focus of the business, but just the fact that if you wanted something for your dog and it just happened to be at the drugstore outside, maybe it’s rather convenient?  Maybe you don’t need an appointment?  Maybe you simply do not care about it?

We think vets should think about working in large groups to promote overall lower pricing and then pitch that to large employers.  Employers can then sign up all of the pet owners for pet insurance like they do for legal plans. Those who have the legal plan usually pay a fraction of those without; for example, the commercial rate might be $100/hr instead of $300.  Yes this would mean that the vets would get paid less, per client, but they would get more clients. So in the end it’s a numbers game. Referrals come from satisfied customers.  These days just about everyone wants to save some $$$$. We are so old we can remember when no one wanted to really save any money but rather wanted to brag they didn’t need to save any.