New Truth re Shelters That ARs Keep Trying to Hide From Public

What we have known and do know, is that there never were 33% of purebreds in most shelters, that is a lie made up by likely, a group such as HSUS or similar………no one even knows how many shelters exist in the USA, or how many “rescues” exist. There is no nationwide reporting of such things, as states do not do things the same way nationally. And just looking at mixed breeds doesn’t mean you can tell what the mix really is.

So, when you look at the first 2 links below, it explains an updated research project they did over 52 weeks’ time.  But it doesn’t really take 52 weeks to figure out there never really were a lot of purebreds or even really great animals in any pound for the most part. And the obvious reason is that no one with any animal of any quality or temperament worth having, would just put throw it away in the pound. They would be able to sell it, and at least try and decide who is right for their animal, even if they had to give it away.

[The pound is always the last resort, and the saddest. In fact, when doing rescue, we actually advertise to ‘avoid the shelter’ if you cannot keep your pet. We do not lecture or make judgments, we just want to have owners who are going to give up their animals–NOT give it to the pound. Many ill animals without any vaccinations go to the pound. One would never really want to put a decent animal in there.]  [tons of data on which countries own which dogs and which countries are finding they have too many dogs and way more…]

Have you ever visited shelters regularly in CA?  We have.  Do you regularly see wonderful dogs that can fetch a decent price and seem to be trained, happy or obedient?  You might if you are lucky, but if there are any like that in the pound, they are usually gone in one day.  Why? Because most people who know dogs do not want an errant, unbehaved wildcat with no training or any social skills, barking the entire time, or such a high shrill awful bark or whine the entire time. We have managed over time, to find some dogs. Not a huge amount of them, but some. The shelters do not give rescues a discount in most cases so we pay full price just like adopters would. That can mean $125, $135 or more.

Oh sure–purebreds are seldom seen, as rescues love to pull them if possible, leaving mostly chihuahuas and pitbull types…. some dogs have a GSD HEAD but on a short legged basset hound body (that poor dog has haunted us for years after seeing it, it was like a fake dog but it was actually was both sad and awful at the same time…) Oh yes, HSUS hired people to try and figure out how many shelters there “are.”  And will we believe HSUS? Never in a million years.

and yes, yes and yes again, there are a lot of bullie-type dogs in shelters, because they are very very popular apparently, and we have seen tons of new owners clamor for such dogs from shelters….especially younger people who like Obama and Agenda 21. Well, if there were enough of such young people, maybe they would adopt all the bully type dogs, who knows. We don’t disparage a breed for being what it is.

We would disparage AR promoters in general, for blatant misrepresentation, for lying in order to make sales of products that are virtually worthless, and for promoting hate toward anyone who would want to buy a dog which did not come from a shelter, or was not rehomed; or for even WANTING a decent animal from scratch–because it’s not PC (politically correct) according to the AR propaganda….   kinda like the Confederate flag scenario, or the alleged “mills” they constantly talk about? What milled dog has killed people lately?  Probably none. How would taking down a flag start making jobs for people? Guess what? The only real thing it will do is increase the prices of anything that is worth something because it was manufactured with the flag on it— before it became “improper” all of a sudden.

People in the USA today are guided pretty much by: Hollywood, movie stars, fake TV “reality” bullshit nonsense, fake plastic surgery, fake guys that are girls and vice versa, worship of all things extreme, the more extreme, the better; lack of rational thinking power, in part due to propaganda and fast internet with dazzling eye candy which numbs the brain; extra fast technology, which always knows you don’t know enough so you need a new whatever it is; lack of faith in humanity, because we are led to believe the people who are worthy are movie stars because they are rich and stunning in pictures; hatred of people in general because we are to be blamed for everything that is wrong, especially by AR promoters……and AR promoters are basically in sync with Hollywood, media, and zealous aggressive wanton propaganda at every single turn possible.

Not having the ability to even notice this –will show one just how many dumb people can be led around by using sappy stories, eye candy and fast talking. No wonder kids these days are so screwed up.

They all think HSUS owns all the shelters nationwide. Because they saw it online and in that U tube rant with the violin music. Or on those terrible Yahoo AR Examiner stories. Nothing but alleged abuse and killing, while forgetting that 70million dogs likely exist, and if there are 10 abuse stories, even if 20 times a month, over a YEAR—- is 0.0000342%  If we are not mistaken, that is not even 1/2 of one percent. 700,000 would be one percent.