Chickens: HSUS Director Dr. Greger, Owns “Non Profit” Nutrition Site, Wants DONATIONS

This goes out to the movie stars that have written “Costco” in re to forcing Costco to only buy from producers with “hens without cages…”… with science based evidence of the truth.

Then following, see the HSUS Director, and his “non profit” site, and to donate, you mail the money to a PO Box in Maryland. They claim their site gets millions of hits every month, so if only 100 donators per month donated $25, that’s $2500 x 15 years of donating. $450,000, and they say you can’t write it off unless its “$30.00” but you can donate “$25.00” if you want?  So how many HSUS employees and Directors, paid or not, have their own 501(c)(3) sites???  Who knows? We are willing to bet HSUS is linked to subsidiaries and sites you wouldn’t even dream of. 

Now,  Brad Pitt doesn’t know anything about chickens except what he reads online, which is likely the news pushed by either HSUS or the same type of groups that want to get videos of farm animals. But allegedly Pitt is writing to Costco to make a stink about cage free hens, somehow believing that every single caged hen must be subject to such dying, by buying into the sensationalism of the small percentage that likely actually do die?  A cannibalized bird is just that. If it is not strong enough to fight off other birds, it may eventually die.

“Hen health is better in cages and worse in cage free”,” said Joy Mench, professor of animal science at University of California Davis, who has done extensive research into hen housing. Enriched colony settings offer the protection of the cage from predators and give hens more opportunity to act like hens, she said.

The mortality rates for cage free are double those of conventional and enriched colony cages, in part because cage-free systems tend to house very large groups of hens, and that leads to cannibalistic behavior.  “I’ve seen some really awful cage-free systems that are without the things hens need,” she said, adding that amenities like perches, foraging areas and nesting boxes may be more important to hen welfare than cage size.

As for egg safety, both sides cite academic studies about cages and salmonella. The first federal study comparing hens in three commercial housing systems—cage free, conventional and enriched colony—found no difference in the rate of salmonella infection.

“I can’t really tell them I have a silver bullet,” said Deana Jones, research food technologist in the Egg Safety and Quality Research Unit of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service, who led that study and others.


Not cited by the article is scientific study on cages (tiered),manure belt,and floor raised and air quality:

Let’s face it, when you have 5million birds laying eggs, in several huge hen house enclosures, some birds are gonna die because chickens (in case you didn’t know) have cannibalistic behavior. That is one reason why a flock does not do well by adding in birds which the existing flock does not know. [Birds of a feather flock together is not just a joke]  “Increased group sizes in larger cages or floor systems can elevate the risk of cannibalism and feather pecking, probably due to the spread of the behaviour through social learning.”

  • Lay Jr., D.C., Fulton, R.M., Hester, P.Y., Karcher, D.M., Kjaer, J.B., Mench, J.A., Mullens, B.A., Newberry, R.C., C.J., O’Sullivan, N.P. and Porter, R.E., (2011). Hen welfare in different housing systems. Poultry Science, 90: 278-294 doi:10.3382/ps.2010-00962

——>  OK here is the HSUS’ connection,  Dr. Greger, HSUS’ employee, we presume…

Caution: Dr. Michael Greger is purportedly “Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at HSUS”  and allegedly has a site (called which appears to have been started around 2000.

“All donations to support go to Dr. Greger’s 501(c)(3) organization and are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.”  (We would not recommend donating since he works for HSUS.)  REALLY?  He’s working for HSUS and needs his own “non profit” to gain donations???

  • We copied below, exactly what the HSUS’ own “Director” has on the “nonprofit”  nutritionfacts site:

“ will never accept ad revenue or product endorsements.” We believe commercial interests can have a corrupting influence on the field of nutrition. How then do we keep afloat financially? is a labor of love. Most of us who work on this project are volunteers (including Dr. Greger, who donates his time and receives no income from the site), but there are still significant staffing, server and development costs to run a video-based website that garners more than a million hits a month.

We are willing to bet that few of the readers of the nutritionfacts site, REALIZE that it is actually HSUS linked..…..

One would think 15 years of running should have produced a lot of “donations” eh?

Carefully NOTE–the “nutritionfacts” site owned by the “non profit” where the HSUS has this doctor as the “Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture” at HSUS—- and his “nutritionfacts”  site is getting over “a million hits” a month………….LOL LOL  You figure it out. [We are certainly not against good health, but we also do not force people into becoming vegan just for the sake of it to save animals.]

Our guess would be that the nutrition site doesn’t need any money to keep running even without donations.

See below, the photo which was shown on the “nutrition” site………..HSUS Dr. Director wants no Lobbyists?  What the hell does he think WP does for a living?  This is in the article on chickens and FosterFarms.

Clearly being a doctor does not mean one cannot be a hypocrite, since HSUS’ actions clearly indicate lobbying as an organization — HSUS since mid 2000 and likely before, has bragged about their site having links to petition Congress on HSUS bills IN Congress.

HSUS only removed many pages to trim their 4k or so, pages on their site and linked to their site………..after  a call to action was started by attorney Losey years ago, for showing the IRS that HSUS had excessive lobbying data going on, and was bragging about it.  At least now, some legislators do NOT like HSUS.

The HSUS site was completely revamped to take off many many links and lobbying type information after attorney Losey began the call for action. Clearly, HSUS can use one video and scam Congress, but it still takes years of effort to get the truth out about groups like Peta, HSUS and ASPCA.

HSUS is constantly bragging about their legislation, court room cases, approaching Congress repeatedly to outlaw any non native species of anything (horses, birds, fish, plants, snakes, you name it, wild animals, etc.)… Right?? WP is a lobbyist, so he knows what he is doing. Lobbyists make money by approaching employees of the government, to pitch the groups and people they represent, to gain favor in certain laws, or proposed laws. The obvious fallout is the scandals you see in the news on certain issues.

We say HSUS basically has won bragging rights for selling a boatload of crap, and coming up smelling like a rose. But it won’t always be good. It is not possible to use deception continuously and then expect Karma to forever ignore you.






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