PIJAC+Pet Leadership Council To Advocate for Pet Owners+Pet Industry

We are glad to see, although it’s about 8 years late, that the Pet Industry finally decided to do something as AR (Animal Rights, AR groups, etc) have stomped them in many episodes, closing down pet stores, not allowing sales of animals unless by “non profits”, creating harmful laws against owners, making up ridiculous abuse laws re animals (such as being in a public place showing an animal is animal abuse) or that being off leash is animal abuse, or that being off leash means you own a “dangerous dog?”

This is what the Pet Industry Distributors Assn stated..”The PLC (Pet Leadership Council) mission is to advocate for pet parent consumers and act as a strong voice for the industry on matters that inherently affect us all.” NOTICE the use of the word “pet parent”–NOT pet owners.  Clearly, the pet industry is using the AR words of “parent” in what we believe, is an attempt to cater to AR owners, who might spend MORE. That’s because many gains monetarily have been made in the more expensive pet foods, alleged holistic type brands, etc.

The fact is that most of the $$ made in the pet industry is on pet FOOD, not the buying of the pet. The pet food business is extremely competitive and legally fraught with peril (bad pet food, misrepresentation of pet food, dog treats killing dogs,etc) So when pet food lawsuits start, the pet industry is forced to consider their positions.

By 2008, HSUS managed to likely pass so many state laws nationwide, you could not even count them. and these were state laws pushed by HSUS in part, using their 4,000page+ website which has now been taken down. On the site were many many pages linking to legislation by HSUS, links to charities linked to HSUS, pages telling kids to fink out neighbors and report to police, pages telling everyone to contact their congressmen by clicking HSUS link to the local congressional person (state, etc. was all a choice so that in effect, it was leading up to what HSUS was pushing in Congress, and statewide,etc..)

After several years of normal pet owners losing rights left and right, and after HSUS got millions from Katrina (apparently by taking donations and not being able to account for the millions)– HSUS’ income started to readily rise up, up and away.  It has taken years and years to get any word out against HSUS, probably the known spokesperson group for violin music videos, telling everyone they must buy a shelter animal and no, they are not “free.”

PIJAC attempted to thwart the laws that it tried to stop, and it did stop some of them. However, PIJAC is not a state oriented entity, nor was it big or funded such that it could have a huge impact on owners.

Thus owners had nowhere to turn to realistically.  When humanewatch.org started up, with plenty of money to spend, that was a big help, since they financed all the huge ads in Times Square and in national newspapers.  Years later, nearly half a million people are following humanewatch, online, but plenty of people have never heard of HSUS and many people still think HSUS runs shelters.

HSUS wrote the book on how to kill animals, not save them. We bought the book just so we could read it.

HSUS got a vet and had the vet or other vets write down how to kill most animals the way THEY think it should be done.  How’s that for an animal rights group—we don’t need advice on how to kill every animal alive, but HSUS publishes it because that’s what they really care about, how to kill animal “their way” and to deter people from owning animals to begin with.

Teaching responsibility with animals is not done by publishing books on how to kill animals, it is not done by sappy commercials, it is not done by fleecing the public.  Does the Pet Industry even care or know what HSUS does or did in 2005, 2006, 2007 2008?  Probably not.

So when the Pet Industry says they are NOW working to defend themselves against ARs, that’s fine and dandy.  It’s just too bad they waited so many years after much of the damage has already been done. Too much nonsense and bad laws have already passed which will NOT be unraveled.

Too much propaganda has been heard, seen and widely distributed.  If the Pet Industry was really worried about consumers, they would have gotten something together the minute HSUS had additional millions to poison the “public with what is politically correct..”

Instead, the Pet Industry just keep doing the same ole, same ole…….and now that there are no double digit profits or increases every year, they have finally–maybe too late though— decided to take action in 2015.

Our take is that it would take 7 years to try and erase what HSUS has done to poison the pet owning public— even with Humanewatch keeping tabs.  If they manage to steer the ship and help the everyday public fight for pet ownership, we would be VERY surprised.  VERY.