Railroaded by ARs+Oakland But Appeal on Cat Case Moving Forward


Let’s just say one thing here, even if someone did have a large number of any kind of animals, if in fact they had cared for the animals properly and then some rogue ARs set up the person (think how HSUS/others have done this, such as the Pang case, Hawaii–and that’s just one case) — you will likely go down like a sinking rock, unless you have a pitbull attorney from the get go, that will not abandon your case. And when AC starts to pull shenanigans on your evidence, when material helpful evidence is not forthcoming, when the law is not correctly followed, it’s actually quite easy to be convicted, with or without a jury.

Everyone knows feral cats can be sick because they were wild and likely did not have owners that gave them shots, etc. When feral caretakers care for cats and keep control of them inside, they are bound to find out that some cats will be sick, no doubt. But when ARs want to take someone down for their own personal reasons, and they cause someone like Van Dusen to suffer unjustifiably, this is not what we should be doing to people. Even if the number of felines was high, there is no limit for cats in Oakland (at least not at time of her case.) But because ARs love to railroad people, as evidence and cases have shown, one must never trust other AR people to help them. ARs are nothing but selfish emotional people on an agenda– and that agenda hates PEOPLE and only likes “animals.” Our prediction is Van Dusen will prevail in the appeal. We did not read it word for word but we know enough that it doesn’t take 5 abuses of discretion to make an appeal.