Bad Child, Bad Parent, Bad Everything? But Dead Dog………………….?

(See link for picture, if someone really had time to take that picture, they were not doing their job in caring for the baby or child since the child should never be that close to dog’s face to begin with, IF that pic is actually showing the dog which allegedly was shot.)

ARs seldom teach correct rules re dogs to people, because the animal is elevated to that of human, causing the animal’s natural behaviors to often take precdence OVER the human…..For example, many dogs and cats INSIST on sleeping in the human owner’s BED, COUCH, furniture in general???

And the humans allow it.

But when children, much less  babies, are not supervised (either at all or correctly)– and the children believe the animal is just like a human, they will interact with it as a human. If not taught about how to act around dogs in particular, and left unsupervised, it’s a wonder that more dogs don’t bite kids worse than they already may do, if the picture at the above SITE is an actual picture of the child pulling on the dog’s tongue (it’s possible it could be the dog licking the child’s hands, and it only “looks” like the kid has grabbed the dog’s appendage.)

We put this out only because we have seen that the vast majority of people, AR-leaning people, treat animals as humans, and allow them to do plenty, like take over the bed or beds, furniture, the car, everywhere.  We personally do no believe animals belong on the owner’s furniture, beds, and everywhere or anywhere “they want to go.”

We think ARs have purposely set up this type of behavior so that no one considers animals as animals anymore. Look closely at the words– “adopt” “companion” “pet parent” “guardian”………..

All of this simply implies that OWNER is not an OWNER…………….

Owner is now

only the “parent”

of the “companion”

that he/she “adopted”

……..THINK people—THINK

It is legal for an adult to adopt an adult and call it a child adoption………the attorneys that owned the dogs where one killed the girl in SF, adopted an adult prison inmate as a “child” because they could.

And why does this even matter?  Because now, people can make a pet trust. So the animal is inheriting, so to speak, money and then someone enforces it.

And WHY did ARs pass that law?

Because if enough laws like this are passed, such as “tax exemption” for animals owned, then eventually the HSUS is undoubtedly going to say, legally— the animals are treated as humans and therefore they should have human status.  This is more than obvious by the AR propaganda which has turned the country into an animal rights nation.

Hence, lawsuits keep going on making whales into non slaves, which is complete bogus nonsense….. (there is no con law that animals are people and the constitution only applies to people, not animals and not pets and not livestock, etc.)  animals must have air conditioning apparently, because one can break into your car even if the AC is on, if the heat gun registers 91 degrees, and even if the windows are down, they will seize your animal if someone calls the police………..HSUS has designed shelter kennel plans for outside which have ambient temp at 72-80 or slightly higher, but above that is “abuse”………….a fan is simply not good enough??  There is no law which requires AC in human housing for rentals. NONE that we are aware of.