A Life Sentence for Salmonella Poisoning?


……………..” ignorance is no guarantee that a defendant can escape a conviction and sentence: federal law imposes strict, vicarious criminal liability for introducing adulterated food into interstate commerce. In other words, food and beverage company executives can be criminally convicted if their company sells contaminated products, even if they didn’t know about the contamination, so long as they have authority over the offending facility.”

The deception king HSUS group must be very HAPPY to see that a federal court might consider a life sentence after selling adulterated food, court finding obstruction of justice and fraud…(we did not read the case)…this apparently occurred when salmonella outbreak was traced to a specific facility…..creating recall expenses, purportedly nine deaths and 700 customer “illnesses.”

Now you could drive a large vehicle on the freeway, be completely on glue and crash your car and 2 other cars, kill 9 people, and you would NOT get life in prison. We seriously doubt that the guy would get life in prison (total years after adding high terms) even if it was fraud, since almost no fraud warrants life. Obstruction of justice might warrant a fairly high term but purposeful nondisclosure is questionable.  What if only 3 people supposedly died?  ARs would argue that if pet food killed 10,000 dogs then the pet food company should be closed down and all of them go directly to jail.

Probably safe to say the guy who did the non disclosure was not the brightest crayon in the box.