Sleeping with Pets? Nope.

We would never recommend it. This article has reasons why. Babies, elderly, immune compromised and those already with illness would do well not to do so as well.


Volume 17, Number 2—February 2011

CME ACTIVITY – Perspective

Zoonoses in the Bedroom

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Bruno B. ChomelComments to Author  and Ben Sun
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: University of California, Davis, California, USA (B.B. Chomel); California Department of Public Health, Sacramento, California, USA (B. Sun)

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In most industrialized countries, pets are becoming an integral part of households, sharing human lifestyles, bedrooms, and beds. The estimated percentage of pet owners who allow dogs and cats on their beds is 14%–62%. However, public health risks, including increased emergence of zoonoses, may be associated with such practices.