10 Min of Funny but to ARs it Would be “Abuse”

Animal entertainment even in movies, where the animals are actors, and in dog shows, where animals strut for recognition, and in nearly any type of service, even in the military, where a dog can be lost by detonation to save the men’s lives, is considered non humane by AR activists. HSUS and friends want every chicken alive to be running cageless, despite fact that more chickens will actually die due to both cannibalism and learned behavior.    download (5)

Remember: HSUS lost one of the biggest free speech cases in the world against Mr. Stevens, a huge published Supreme Court case. U.S. v Stevens,  http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/09pdf/08-769.pdf  and HSUS got prosecutors to use their law specifically designed for crush videos, not historical overview of fighting dogs.

We purposely left off the hsus version of the story because quite frankly, all hsus did was talk about crush films and the law was not used against a crush film; hsus was forced to have their law rewritten since it WAS unconstitutional to begin with, and by trying to apply it to historical dog fighting plainly, did not work. The law had been published at least 10 years before HSUS tried to use it in this manner–and someone fought BACK. Reading HSUS’ version, one would believe they “won” the case when in fact, they most definitely, finally, and horribly, lost, lost, lost their ass big time…and we mean legally…….

And clearly, HSUS thought they could get away with it.

Had HSUS gotten away with it, every animal “cruelty” depiction in the United States–including movie, video, book, cartoon, advertisements, drawings, pictures (even if fake or pretend) would be illegal due to HSUS getting the law crafted like that on purpose… [which was BOTH “wildly” overinclusive and underinclusive.]  It would have made the movie Bambi illegal, to say nothing of rabbits getting clobbered in cartoons.


Hard to believe, but many judges do not even know this case.

When the Supreme Court uses the word “wildly” against you, as they did against HSUS in the opinion, that is saying you are way, way, way off base. But then, ARs  ARE way off.

Supporters for Mr. Stevens side:

In support of Stevens: The Cato Institute; The DKT Liberty Project, The ACLU, Center for Democracy and Technology; Thomas Jefferson Center; National Coalition Against Censorship; Professional Outdoor Media Ass’n, American Soc’y of Media Photographers, North American Nature Photography Ass’n, Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Ass’n, Southeastern Outdoor Press Ass’n, Texas Outdoor Writers Ass’n; First Amendment Lawyers’ Association; National Rifle Association; Safari Club, International and Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation; Constitutional  Law Scholars; National Shooting Sports Foundation; Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press; Association of American Publishers et al.

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