“Vista is the latest city in the region to consider such a ban. San Diego, Chula Vista and Encinitas have banned shops from selling commercially bred animals. Oceanside has a similar ban but allows small breeding operations to sell to the shops. (Note: the city atty realized the problem and told Oceanside that federal lawsuits may not be on their side, so Oceanside wen the way of small breeders)

San Marcos has passed a moratorium on such sales until April. But Santee elected officials rejected requests to consider a ban.”

Some operations dubbed puppy mills are legal and federally licensed. Animal activists have a host of concerns, from the conditions in which the breeding dogs live to the health of the parent dogs and their puppies…

PD note: ALL federally licensed kennels are legal; that some may NOT be properly following the RULES means it is violating the rules–that in and of itself, never makes it a PM because PM is a subjective derogatory term indicating illegal and more (such as it is illegal because not licensed; it is not in conformance with the code, so it is in violation of the rules, etc….if in conformance with the regulations, it would still be a PM to ARs because any kennel where breeding takes place on a scale that ARs do not like, means PM to them because they want any kennel to treat every animal as a pet.

Kennel animals raised to produce puppies is not a pet enterprise to raise 3 pets. It is an ongoing operation to produce more animals. We do not expect every farm to coddle every animal produced for food or for the sale of more animals because it is not designed for the purpose of considering the animals as household pets..most kennels are set up to produce pets for others, not keep them there and be all cuddly-cute. They are being sold, and they are in fact put into the stream of commerce just like all other products. The fact that they are alive (birds, fish, rabbits, any live animal) but operating under federal law is what ARs HATE. They simply point out errant kennels and then blast all of them — good included.

Well, if you were German should we hate you because of Hitler? Should we deport them? should we have all Hispanics eliminated because of gangs that are Mexican?  Should we hate all guns because the guns were used/ killed a person? should we blockade all transportation because auto accidents kill people?  Can we ban all alcohol production because there is drunk driving? should we ban Facebook because it has led to bullying and kids kill themselves?  Can we make the confererate flag “illegal” because we don’t like it? (*the answer is no in cause you haven’t figured it out) Can we stop all daycare because some kids got abused while in daycare? Can we get rid of all of anything simply because someone doesn’t like how it’s done?  Can we stop the sale of all violent videos because HSUS claims that such videos and “depictions of animal cruelty” rise to level of porn?

If people would take 15 minutes to even think of how banning a store from selling something is NOT rationally related to the health and welfare of anything actually, they would begin to understand that doing something like this (having such bans) is usually not legal, depending on how the law is written. Essentially, if we told a pet store to stop selling Brand X because they claim it has killed some dogs, could we FORCE the store to stop selling it?  Of course not. If no one wants to adopt pitbull type dogs, can we force people to NOT own them???

In the pitbull case, of all the above examples, that is the only one that could be done rationally. and it has been done nationwide already. But the ARs actually are against breed bans (they claim anyway)—but they are not against such bans because of facts, but basically because it does discriminate against the specific animals.

ARs will always vote for anything that they claim harms animals, regardless if it is rational, since ARs are generally not rational thinking, but everything is based on emotion, poor liddle kitty, poor little doggie, yes yes yes you should take the 2 legged dog, one eyed cat, and horse with 3 legs and dog that has bitten 10 people. Geez—get a life.