Woo Hoo!! CA AR Loser Case Published, ALDF Loses v Cal Expo+ UCD Regents

ALDF and their pesky lawsuits, attempted to do a go-around by using the alleged tax law, to try and claim animals in farrowing crates at agriculture exhibition (showing families the birth of piglets) was illegal………..even though the Proposition 2 (HSUS law re eggies/how much room animals must have) was not even in effect yet, PLUS their is a clear EXCEPTION in that proposition, for animals at the State Fair????

ALDF then filed an appeal when they got struck down by the Alameda Superior Court.

At Appeals Court, they also got completely demolished and will have to pay all of the attorney fees since they are the loser in the case.  They could appear further, but it would be completely futile. Wouldn’t surprise us then if HSUS steps in and tries to amend Prop 2 to take out the “exception”, or to somehow re-write themselves in– so that they create a “private right of action”…………….


00v0v_eNwerv6AM87_600x450   GREAT!!!  THE ARs LOST A CASE IN CALIFORNIA!!!

Do we think that HSUS had ALDF file this?

Quite possibly, since if HSUS were to have filed it, considering that HSUS is now known for paying out on RICO (racketeering allegations),  the HSUS name is definitely and most certainly TAINTED, regardless………..as is ASPCA……………and with the economy going to Hell along with everything else, we don’t think HSUS laws are going to be given a whole lot of credibility OR even action….and with PIJAC making big changes (Ed Sayres is no longer working there)– we are looking and hoping they get someone who cares about owners and the economy, instead of animal rights, ARs, ARs, ARs !!!!