How Stupidity is Learned by Reading Internet Pet “Breeds” That Live Longest

What  breed is “rat-cha?”

Same for………..”ratese”……”cheenese”………..”lacasapoo”  “pomcoton”  “pomchi”

Hounds, spaniels some terriers and golden retriever are some they “recommend” for kids.

They say they used info from Animal Planet. Well there we have it. Don’t ever trust Animal Planet.

On the other hand, now that 50% of the USA will believe that small mixed dogs live 25yr, we suppose

that will greatly increase the desire for pet store puppies that are usually designer mixes that max out

at 10lbs.  Good luck finding any of those in any shelter. If a rescue has them, they will be $350 and higher.

We have seen broken down Yorkies with brain damage online for $800.  YES $800. They can keep the rat.