Pet stores Breeders buying and Some Common Sense…on dogster?

In general, we don’t really care for this site (dogster) BUT we admit, in this particular link and the forum comments, you can actually read some valid facts and comments.  Whenever AR laws try and force people into only owning or buying or obtaining a certain product, such as an animal (because it is property under the law) — and that product MUST be a shelter, rehomed, or rescue, or some dog or cat that no one wants— we are never going to buy into that crap.

Not that we don’t have rehomed or rescued. We are not preaching what one MUST buy, or that one MUST be forced to do anything. We are talking about the right to choose.

ARs want to eliminate CHOOSING, such that the vegan throttle is pushed forward inch by inch and over time, becomes the PC thing due to continuous pictures of animal “abuse” which is not nearly as rampant as they would have you believe. If in fact it was that common, we would not see it in the news because it would be old hat. Along with alleged “pitbull” maulings and such, the ARs have set up their propaganda wagon with repetitive mantras and bad animal pictures, claiming inbreeding, etc, when in fact ARs know nothing about animal breeding for the most part at all.  They are not experts on the subject.

So, for what it’s worth, the ability to factually examine or research such a thing as a commercial kennel is nothing more than an emotional story because if you want every animal born to have the perfect setting, you’re in for a shock. It ain’t happening. It’s not any different than going to a poor neighborhood and claiming that those kids with crappy food and crappy clothes are abused because they don’t have an elitist life, they don’t have two parents, they don’t have good upbringing, they don’t live in the same rich neighborhood. So what? Does that mean we arrest parents because they aren’t doing what you like?

Dogs are not kids and puppies are not human children. When people compare kennels to pets, they are way off base, because the kennel breeder/keeper is raising stock to sell, not to keep themselves. They are getting it to market and the puppies then get new owners. While you may not LIKE the method yourself, it is not illegal and you don’t have to buy the dogs.  But to claim that just because a dog came from a kennel makes it illegal is pure bullshit, and to claim that buying an animal from a kennel is abuse is simply emotional drivel.  If you don’t like it then don’t buy it. But realistically–it is not illegal and that is why a pet store franchise like Petland cannot be legally outlawed.  That is why AR law is going city to city to implement HSUS crap, because there is no other way to do it.  Let’s face it, you aren’t likely going to find breeders with the small cute pups that people want unless they just happen to have two puppies laying around?  Nope, they are bringing them to market just like they bring any other livestock to market. What you do with it after you buy it is your business.

We really don’t see a problem. If in fact a breeder is improperly doing anything, and it’s against the penal code or the code regulating commercial kennels, then it can be illegal or at least punishable under the law. It stops there for us because to carry the AR torch like the ARs do, only leads to more problems, it actually INCREASES the people who will find and buy what they want.  It’s asinine, because it’s completely subjective, based only on emotion. You might eat meat, fish, eggs.

Shall we make chickens, cows and fish illegal to eat????  If the ARs could, they would do so by making a law for example, that NO commercial use could be made out of any animals. Pretty much that would eliminate hamburgers and all foods derived from any animal; it would stop sales of anything using animal products; it would eliminate movies with animals, zoos, aquariums, dog shows, pet stores, service animals, animals used for soldiers and police. It would be so radical that people have no clue what it would really do.  But we already know what it would do.

If you don’t believe it, then go read the Animal Rights Legal Case Book, they are probably into the 3rd series by now. It actually proposes, what IF the commercial utilization of all animals was outlawed–then it says– should the animals be:

a) all euthanized    b) all placed in sanctuary   c) all sterilized

Clearly these 3 “choices” mean the same thing. Dead, die out or killed.  Now what part of that “choice” do normal people NOT understand?  This is what ARs believe. Just like Ingrid– animals are not for us to own, use, or kill, period.

Well Ingrid must be an atheist, devil worshipper, or just insane from having killed hundreds and hundreds of animals in her stint at the pound in Washington DC. Killing too many of anything will cause PTSD and obviously, she’s continued the killing in the name of saving. Gotta love that logic.  Or do you?