People Leading the Charge for HSUS

These are the people writing online, going to legislature, and pimping off groups like HSUS not being against breeding.

"Congratulations to Jennifer Fearing of the California office of the HSUS for keeping a small but dedicated band of volunteer picketers on the street in front of the retailer the first Saturday of every month. While no doubt the economy had more than a little to do with the closing, I doubt the constant presence of picketers helped."
"These people made a difference, and  I’m happy that one time I was one of them."
"Let me say this: I don’t give a damn that those in the black helicopter crowd think the term “puppy-mill” was invented by animal-rights groups (it wasn’t) and that they don’t believe puppy-mills exist (they do) or that they don’t think it’s a problem if they do exist, if only the millers would clean up a little like those “model operations” you always hear about (family pets shouldn’t be raised in factory farms, even clean ones)"

—————————————————— Jennifer Fearing has an economics degree. as for Spad, we don’t care that she can write books for dummies. For common sense, she has none. She can’t even take care of her own health.

ARs know virtually nothing about animals. Just the same emotional sap story, over and over and over. All AR people want animals to be at the human level, which is why the animal criminal code is based upon the HUMAN child code. It’s practically word for word, just substitute human parent for owner.  You didn’t know that?  Most people don’t, so you’re not alone.

Here is a prime example of what we don’t like to see…..Protesters from HSUS (Jennifer Fearing, and her little breeder friend Spad, who now thinks she can run a ranch, except it flooded; (see   who thinks she should have cats but the litter makes her sick; who thinks she should have horses, but she (the AR author protester we call “Spad” apparently is way overweight, with back problems) now can’t take care of horses…Let’s just say this. Just because you can write books on how to take care of a dog or cat doesn’t mean you really know the first thing about how to manage animals, much less a “ranch.”

Further, when you can’t really even take care of yourself, or your own health and are grossly overweight, plus unattractive to boot, should you really be telling everyone what is right about HSUS when you really don’t know squat?  We think not. By Spad and Jennifer Fearing helping to lead the charge to close the Roseville Petland down, it just goes to show that AR people could care less about anyone.  But themselves.

Their biggest complaint will always be against an economically viable business, especially those that earn well.

We have news for Spad. A non profit is allowed to make a huge profit, obviously.  Just look at HSUS, Doris Day, the wealthy rescue Helen Woodward Center, and the San Diego Humane Society (millions)………ALL non profits are essentially interstate commerce. It is undeniably a fact that they contribute to interstate commerce. That they do not pay taxes is not relevant on that issue.

So all this baloney about non profits not profiting by using animals is completely hogwash. Nearly all of their money is gained by using animals as a ploy to gain donations, period.  That is it in one small sentence.  And those donations are PROFIT,   read it again,  P R O F I T.   As long as the profit is spent on the organization’s mission, it is allowed. but we all know that there are sections (lobbying,etc) that are not included for 501c3 groups.  Which is why HSUS re vamped their entire site and whittled it down to what appears would appeal to a child in 4th grade language with giant animal pictures.

SO…..supposedly best friends claims that the 18-40 crowd is 48% more likely to BUY, BUY BUY and not adopt, adopt adopt?  Well to that, we say it’s about time some people used their common sense.

ARs do not preach common sense, they tout emotionalism. sensationalism. extreme-ism.

NONE of that is based in the law.  NONE.