Study says 18-34yr olds 48% More Likely to BUY a Pet

Survey by the best friends group says that younger people 18-34 are MORE likely to buy a pet from a breeder or store than adopting? 46% young as compared to 31% total………as most shelters do not have coveted breed types like Yorkie, Malts, Bichon, malti poo, poodles and the like, one has to buy the animal because unless you want to overpay for a used designer dog, you might as well buy the puppy. However since 50% of all owned dogs are usually mutts (even designer mutts) it’s obvious that not everyone insists on purebred.

The CEO of best friends supposedly said that to some extent, animals in shelters are seen by young adults as damaged goods. WELL– the sob stories pushed by HSUS and ASPCA may have backfired with all of that violin music, or maybe younger people just don’t like being scammed????

The truth is, most of the animals in shelters that have been given up due to aggression, too much barking, biting, house soiling, failure to follow normal dog training, fearful, excessive separation anxiety and the like, are in fact, already not very good when they arrive at shelter and in many cases, just become worse.

Some animals that have amicable personalities and can tolerate stress, are friendly and have had training, will usually fare better. Yes, shelters do cause most animals stress. Yes, many animals in shelters are damaged goods, but certainly not every single one of them.

However, buying a new puppy and raising it from the beginning is easier than rescuing for any novice dog owner. In most cases we have seen, most people simply do not know that much about dogs and do not bother to research the subject.