AR Peta Steals+Kills Dog-Gets Sued

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) – The family of a dog euthanized by PETA last year is suing the animal rights group for up to $9 million, according to court paperwork filed in Norfolk Monday.

Maya, a Chihuahua, was a Christmas gift for Wilber Zarate’s daughter four years ago. Surveillance video from Zarate’s home from October 2014 provides the last images the family has of her.PETA later admitted one of its former workers made a “tragic mistake” by euthanizing Maya without permission.

“We want to hold them accountable for what they do and we look forward to a trial in this case,” Zarate family attorney William Shewmake said by phone Tuesday.

The 11-page lawsuit alleges trespassing and emotional distress. Court documents said that on the day Maya was taken from the home in Parksley, the family bought her a pillow at the store, but came back and couldn’t find her. After Maya was killed, PETA representatives came to the Zarate home with a fruit basket, according to the lawsuit. The paperwork said once Zarate’s daughter learned the bad news, she cried for weeks and lost sleep and weight.

“They’ve lost a member of their family, as anybody who has a dearly beloved pet understands, they’re a member of your family,” Shewmake said.

PETA said residents in that area had asked for help with abandoned dogs. The state later fined PETA $500 because it failed to keep the dog alive for the amount of time required by law.

Messages left for PETA were not returned Tuesday.

PETA said earlier this year that the person responsible for Maya’s death was immediately suspended and later fired. The organization also made changes to its practices, at the request of a state agency. No charges were ever filed in the case.

PD:  …….. PETA was allowed to kill many animals, including pups and kittens, and then throw them in black bags and dump them in Piggly Wiggly garbage bins. When they got caught, the Court found they were not guilty because they used blue solution to kill the animals.

But the real question is, of course, WHY is Peta killing, killing, killing? It’s obvious: better dead than fed. No human is good enough for Peta. No human is good enough for owning an animal. So killing a poor Hispanic kid’s dog who lives in a trailer park is ok for Peta.

With the excuse that the people wanted help for abandoned dogs. Let’s say this– if one wants help with killing animals then call PETA for sure.  Their freezer is huge. It cost almost $9,000. They aren’t storing steaks in there…………..