Uh Oh..””Humane Pet Acquisition Ordinance”….


…prohibits the sale of dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, long lived birds and large reptiles…this is in Macomb County Michigan, where the County Board of Commissioners directed staff to distribute the model ordinance to all 27 of the county’s municipalites, encouraging that it be passed locally.

PIJAC’s acticle on this issue, “Beating the Bans”, as seen in the Pet Business magazine, is correct. PIJAC needs to really expand political awareness of animal activists to pet store owners, but the stores really are centered for most part, on selling,  in order to sustain their business.

One way (and there are many) to have pet stores expand both their customer base, and to increase awareness— that just because an animal came from somewhere does not necessarily make it a bad animal, nor does it make the owner or breeder bad either…….. the reason this has been used by activists, is because it is patterned after CHILD welfare laws and advocacy.  Bad kids and poorer areas are simply a social welfare issue, and that does not make the animals bad. If less than adequate means are used to raise animals, then education should be used to promote better methods, NOT denigrating the people because they are not using the best methods around.

Nearly all children love animals, and that will likely never change. Petting zoos are being outlawed by activists, circuses and rodeos also?  We live in a very violent world. It is harsh and it will become worse. We do no favors to our kids to pretend this is 1960, but we owe it to younger people to promote awareness, NOT ANIMAL ACTIVIST PROPAGANDA.

PIJAC should promote that ALL pet stores have an awareness program for animals, NOT to discourage BUYING, but to promote taking care and using responsible methods.

Favoring shelter animals is not always the first issue and should not be, especially for novice dog owners. The majority of shelter obtained animals which are often adult animals, are often returned again and again to shelters.

Promoting education and training, safety with animals and fun kid programs are always welcomed by PARENTS. Parents have the $$ to spend for the kids?

And where do you see such programs? Not in any pet store we have been in. They may have shot day, adoption day. They should be sponsoring child -dog safety day, cat-kid learning day, and interaction with pet photo days with contests in person–not just online.  Much value, learning and even more sales are boosted when kids have fun with animals.  Animals that are trained stay with owners longer.  We have yet to ever see a group of kids that were not mesmerized by pets.

Spread the word, we never advocate banning sales, or animals. (Unless it is sponsored by H$U$, then YES– we would not be for it.)