Uh Oh Rabid Dogs Imported by Rescues?


……. DUH, double and triple DUH???

‘There’s no shortage of adoptable dogs in the US’

The authors said rescue operations that import strays for adoption in the United States might want to rethink their approach to safeguarding the animals’ wellbeing. (PD note: Hell, that’s being way, way too nice. Tell it like it is, AR groups are being idiot wing nuts and that’s their problem; they claim it’s to save animals. Big joke. Too bad they can’t think straight.) They are not smart enough to save anything.

“Globally, animal welfare stakeholders should consider focusing their efforts on supporting local organizations that provide adoptive homes, along with health care services, for street animals in their own countries,” they wrote.

Scientists in the CDC’s rabies program said the organization isn’t trying to put a stop to such operations or discourage people from adopting companion animals in need of a home. But people who want to adopt an animal could look closer to home, they suggested.

“The strong point we’re trying to make here is that there are plenty of adoptable animals here in the United States. About five million animals a year enter a shelter and about half of those will be … put down,” said Ryan Wallace, a veterinary epidemiologist with the CDC. “So there’s no shortage of adoptable animals here in the United States.”

OK, small question then…why did Best Friends out of Utah, spend $140,000 or more, to bring back street dogs from Beruit?????? HELLO???

People—get with the program. The only reason any AR group would do something like that, is to gain more $$$$$$. Best Friends has already, 1,700 animals (possibly not all dogs) but somehow, always has that many animals. How remarkable. They just can’t dwindle down those animals, even if some die or get adopted. They don’t take in strays from the street either. That was proven long ago. They want thousands of animals to support their huge funding. They are not poor, go research it. Any group spending $5000 on a CAT when there are thousands if not billions of cats no one wants, is doing it for one reason: to make more money by pandering these actions off to some dumb saps out there, also known as AR people. There is no other answer. It’s called DONATION HEAVEN.

and look at this, from 2007 mind you………….


Driving the import trend is the demand for puppies, rather than older dogs that have behavioral or health issues.

The Border Puppy Task Force in California estimates that 10,000 puppies entered San Diego County from Mexico in just one year. Some only a few weeks old are sold for $1,000 each in shopping center parking lots on the street.

“Most people don’t think about this deadly disease,” said Dr. Nina Marano, director of the regulatory unit at the CDC. “People take for granted that their dogs are not at risk.”

Now will someone please prove to us, that the sales of puppies/good dogs, is not a commerce issue?  It certainly is one. By cutting off sales of pups and dogs, and allowing the government agencies to tell people one can only sell “rescued” animals while the government agency itself can sell any kind of animal (new, old, alleged mill, alleged breeder, purebred, mutt, owned, surrendered, old, even sick, handicapped, three legs, two legs, one eye, completely blind, on expensive meds, behavioral issues, we are just getting started here…………..) we are looking at a monopoly. A petstore can’t sell a puppy from State X because it came from a commercial kennel, but the rescues/government can tell us what to buy, and where to buy it, and limit the choices of consumers.

Think hard about it and maybe you too, can realize the truth.

Bamboozled from the gate.  AR-owned dog does the dirty work.