High Prices on AR Dog Food… What if..?

The question is not actually what food is good enough for what pet, but rather, does the price justify the product? Likely not. Dogs lived long lives way before AR-branded pet foods…..once AR-related groups push the AR inspired (meaning higher prices) pet foods, because only a “good” owner would buy the best for the “pet”- which is an animal, NOT a human, we have seen people spend far more on their animals than themselves. Yet many of the “expensive” brands have contained whatever that killed or made pets ill. This was not related only to the lower priced pet food.

It’s a free country supposedly, the USA. Which means, as long as your dog isn’t starving, you can probably feed it whatever you want. But since AR-inspired food is only to make more money for most part, to gain market share, (part of interstate commerce) — and most boomers won’t be around in 30 years, it’s likely the AR inspired brands may not have buyers that want to pay $75/bag for food in the future. And since surveys show that younger people are NOT adopting animals, but more inclined now to BUY a pet– we know younger people are not even driving as much, buying a home as much, or even socializing as much, EXCEPT if it’s online– on Facebook/Instagram,etc. They have less money and want to save, not spend.

That is a question we thought about after reading link below.