NEW Pet Biz Focuses on Science not AR Propaganda


Focusing on the science that pets can increase the health of people, this non profit based organization is a NON PROFIT set up by the pet industry. Probably like 8 years behind, but still better than not at all.

The Pet businesses nationally–including APPA PIJAC and their newer commitment to making sure pets don’t all get eliminated by bad law (pet bans), propaganda (HSUS making laws to take out breeding of birds, tropical pets, turtles, fish, anything except gold fish for that matter..since HSUS has consistently tried to outlaw breeding and owning of any species that is NOT indigenous to the area….),  and outright illegal laws which claim NO animals which came from commercial kennel can be sold by pet stores (this is a very complex area because it depends on how the law is worded; in most cases, if the pet store has no pets that came from a breeder with any citations of any type, the only reason for the law is to specifically eliminate the sales of such animals based upon only the “belief” that it is not politically correct; which means the propaganda that a commercial kennel MUST be horrible because the ARs claim it is.)

It is that simple. HSUS has not won lawsuits or been able to get rid of commercial kennels, and HSUS would never be able to do it; so it’s the other AR groups that push the city by city ordinances–a “politically correct” agenda based on politics for most part. This is obvious since HSUS cannot shut down Petland franchises, but local protestors CAN by ruining the business with constant protesting. )

AND…then we read, interestingly enough, that in the AR “Bay Area” (a known AR area where there are no puppies that can be purchased for most part)– a “pet fair” over 2 days allegedly had:

(1)  over 70 rescues/shelters and more than 100 pet food/supply vendors — (2)  allegedly placed about 1158 animals,

(3)  with an alleged attendance (get this now) of allegedly 25,000 — yes, 25,000—attending.

We tried to do some hypothetical calculating. Let’s subtract out 200 rescue workers, and 200 vendors, and 100 shelter volunteers. That would leave 20,000 people , MAYBE.  But even if the alleged number of pets adopted was 1,158, does that mean that  of possibly 20,000 people, only slightly more than 1,000 animals got homes?  If so, that is a rate of less than .06%, since at 100% , 20,000 pets would have been bought.

The reality is, even if it was only 10,000 adults, and one in 500 was to buy the rescued animal, that means that the rate is actually about 5%. The general theory on animal ‘adoptions’ nationwide is usually thought to be 15% of acquired animals, but there is no proof of what percent (and it is a high percent)—of those shelter animals are returned. Our recollection according to a study we saw,  is that it can be as high as 50% or more in first 6 months.

So if only dogs were counted (since cats have a far higher kill rate than dogs)–it means that not that many dogs are being found new homes, since most people these days avoid the shelter and place them on Craigslist. Don’t believe us? It’s done in California regularly, especially the “Bay Area” and Los Angeles. Better to rehome on CL and get a home than turn into the kill shelter. You don’t need 20,000 people to gather to get dogs adopted, especially puppies. Instead, you need owners to be very diligent in placing their own pets. If the pet is not one that can be placed, the shelter will take it and kill it anyway.

We figured you already know that.