It is Illegal to Feed Squirrels in CA?

According to the CDFW, it is.  According to CDFW, CA law provides under CCR Title 14, Section 251.1, making it unlawful to harass wildlife (causing them to alter their normal behavior) which can include feeding them.  Negative results such as creating conflicts with people in the area can and do result ….for example, it is proven that grey squirrels, rodents and racoons, etc, can carry and harbor disease..while it might not kill humans, some squirrels can harbor the Plague, lyme disease and other afflictions which can then affect pets, which then may affect the owners of the pets.

We are currently researching these issues for an owner who has a rental property where the neighbor is openly feeding grey squirrels, birds, and more;  and mounds of peanuts are being carried by the vermin from the neighbor’s house to the owner’s rental, where the vermin have apparently invaded the property over time. This then has created a small oasis for other vermin, such as skunks, rats, mice, and other wildlife.  Unfortunately, this then has created a private nuisance for the renter.  We anticipate by the evidence shown that the neighbor will face a private nuisance lawsuit.