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This is from NAIA’s newsletter, (it’s down below after our blurb here) which seems to dovetail with the Pet Business weekly online updates, on the human animal bond and how it helps humans/the USA, not only saving huge money on health expenses, but also improves various aspects of human life, including areas such as social welfare, involving education.  We all realize that most people do like animals, and yes, there will always be those that may abuse other people,kids or animals. BUT that does not mean that animals are people, even if the bond is a strong one.

By excessively promoting abuse cases,  and using extreme examples, animal extremists simply use propaganda to slowly and consistently attribute human attributes to ANIMALS, such that it is way out of proportion to the issue at hand. Since most of the CA Penal Code on animals was TAKEN from the WIC (child welfare) codes, it is not surprising that even ATTORNEYS have fallen for the crap that ARs keep spouting off, even in court cases. Completely unrealistic in many of the instances. For example, blaming videos for children’s bad behavior when they can see the same if not worse, on mainstream TV and movies. Blaming owners for abuse when the “abuse” is determined subjectively by AC. (Such as a dirty water bowl..) Seizing animals and creating huge costs to the government by creating both unreasonable and extreme laws which cannot be enforced, are unnecessary, and for most part, do not work, and therefore have minimal impact on increasing either compliance or funding for surrendered animals.

(It should be noted that the fixed costs for animal control such as health care for employees,salaries,and working expenses, usually go UP; those costs normally cannot be cut unless they cut a position for an employee. Killing animals is not the largest cost for a shelter by ANY means at all.)


 Dog Seized, Owner Arrested….  (PD:   How typical….)

“Huskies love to be outside for extended periods of time, no matter what the temperature is, but we would never leave him outside intentionally for three or four hours straight without checking up on our dog. There’s just no way that would even happen. Every time he goes outside, there’s always someone here, there’s always someone looking after him,” he explained.

Animal control seized the dog and charged his wife with neglect.
The family got the dog back Monday and Swain would like to set the record straight.

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NY Case Supports Animal Ownership

Darby is the latest animal custody case to snub a 2013 landmark decision by a second Manhattan judge, Matthew Cooper, who said that the pets’ best interest — and not who legally owns the animal — should be considered when determining custody.

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Fundraising Money Must Stay in State

Following a string of potential HSUS violations against his fellow citizens, veterinarian and State Representative Brian Renegar (D) from McAlester has introduced House Bill 2250. This potential measure would ban animal rights organizations from fundraising in the state unless that money goes towards programs in the state.  Read the bill

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Veteran Allowed to Keep Tigers

“As a Nevadan, and as a resident of Nye County, I don’t appreciate outsiders coming in and telling us how to run our organizations,” says Thomas Gibson, the attorney who represents the Mitchells.  

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DiBlasio Blasted for Carriage Horse Compromise

Members of the administration  weren’t able to tell the Council how much a new stable would cost, its exact location, and how many jobs were at stake.

“I think what you’re asking us to buy is an empty bag with a hole in it,” said City Councilman Barry Grodenchik, a Queens Democrat

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