New Standards for Commercial Breeders?

According to the Pet News business, an initiative at Purdue University’s Center for Animal Welfare Science funded by PIJAC, Pet Food Institute and World Pet Association will develop a uniform set of standards for commercial breeders.

Now we all know that the ARs are always bitching about the USDA standards in commercial kennels. But such standards ARE legal. Just because people do not LIKE the standards, does not mean it is illegal.  But if the newer standards end up showing people that commercial kennels don’t necessarily produce inferior animals, then people will be buying puppies and dogs from breeders.

Such animals may cost far more than people believe they are worth, but it’s hard to say who can really afford an animal these days. Premium pet foods are notoriously expensive. And the raw diet certainly is not free.  And we don’t care what people say in whatever cities around the USA, claiming that a petstore that sells animals from commercial kennels is illegal but that if the animal is from a commercial kennel and a rescue sells it means it’s not illegal is simply both asinine and moronic….. and the “rationale” does not serve any government interest besides……..lest you doubt what we have said for years, just remember that it is NOT possible to outlaw franchise stores like Petland. It will never be possible to do. Only protesters which ruin the business by standing outside with their AR photos and propaganda can do that.